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  • Google Starts the Year with Chrome 2.0 Pre-Beta

    With security issues plaguing the end of 2008, the browser wars are back in full swing. This time Google steps up to the plate, opening the new year of battle with their Chrome 2.0 pre-beta trial. Despite some wavering support for the initial, now stable release of Google Chrome

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  • Opera Mobile Sports New and Improved SDK

    If Macworld wasn't enough to excite you all, worry not, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) kicks off today in Las Vegas and runs through January 11.

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  • Browser Wars: Mozilla is Fast, but Opera is Faster

    As the ever popular browser battle wages on all over computers around the world, a mini version, equal to its predecessor in casualties and bloodshed, is going on somewhere just as close to us -- our cell phones.

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  • Mozilla Re-Enters War Zone With Firefox 3.1 Beta 1

    As browser wars continue, Old Faithful fights back by adding some new components to its first beta version of Firefox 3.1, now available for download. The beta is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering system, and new features include Geolocation API, @font-face support, and audio and video tag support.

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  • Browser Wars: Flock Upgrades, Adds MySpace Support

    Flock, the self-proclaimed Social Web browser, recently released version 2.0 with a few notable upgrades, including the integration of their most requested service, MySpace. That’s right, you read that correctly, the browser that relies on social networking for popularity and downloads just integrated the biggest social network of all.

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  • Browser Wars: Is Opera 9.6 a Hit or a Miss?

    Opera Software announced the release of the newest version of their Web browser, Opera 9.6. With as much gusto as we imagine a software company can possibly muster, their Web browser boasts not only speed and performance improvements, but also a variety of new features. Fancy New Functionality Things

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  • More Browsers: Iron is Tougher Than Chrome on Privacy

    And the browser wars continue. As a recent reaction to all the privacy issues surrounding Google Chrome, a German software company SRWare has released a free alternative called Iron. Aside from the obvious metallic element similarity, Iron is also based on the Chromium source code, with the controversial

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