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  • Google, EU on Collision Course Over So-Called Right to Forget

    A Google advisory panel has concluded that people have the right to be forgotten — or, more accurately, a right not to be mentioned in search anymore. But it contends that right should only apply in the European Union, not across Google's wider global search.

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  • Big Data Skills Shortage? Not on MapR's (Pre-IPO) Watch

    One of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of Hadoop in the enterprise is the shortage of professionals trained to work with it. According to job posting aggregator Indeed.

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  • Microsoft's Play to Rule Analytics' 3rd Wave

    One billion Excel users may not sleep tonight. It won’t be a problem that keeps them awake, but a new toy. And, get this -- it’s free. Today Microsoft introduces a new Power BI -- a service that helps users bring data in, wring value out and visualize the results.

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  • CMSWire Top Contributors 2014 - Joanna Schloss

    If you're interested in topics like big data analytics, business intelligence, business analytics and data warehousing, then you have a friend in Joanna Schloss. In her role as subject matter expert in the Dell Center of Excellence, Joanna helps clients deal with the challenges of data and information management,

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  • What's Next for Big Data? Predictions for 2015

    Some people believe it takes two full years for students to fully understand and master new concepts. The first year in the cycle, when a new concept is introduced, is considered a learning year. The following year is considered a growth and review year.

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  • Hortonworks IPO Why It Has to Happen Tomorrow

    Hortonworks IPO: Why It Has to Happen Tomorrow

    You can bet that the folks at Hortonworks’ won’t sleep much tonight, instead they’ll likely be replaying and rethinking every move they’ve made as a private company and every aspect of their strategy.

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  • Wizeline Partners with Salesforce to Deliver Intelligent Product Data

    The two-second product pitch for the year-old Wizeline data intelligence platform would be "a new way of thinking about product development." That's how Adam Sewall, director of marketing and partnerships at the San Francisco-based tech company, sees it.

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  • IBM Patents Make Data Centers Smart Enough to Handle IoT

    IBM Patents Make Data Centers Smart Enough to Handle IoT

    IBM has patented two techniques that use analytics to improve cloud performance and efficiency in the data center. These patents probably won’t be put into practical use for at least a few years, but their development is noteworthy.

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  • Keeping Up with Evolving Business Processes

    Keeping Up with Evolving Business Processes

    About a dozen years ago, many companies adopted rolling budgets  as a way to update their financial outlook constantly instead of waiting for the end of the quarter or year.

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  • OpenText Buys Actuate: Beginning of a New Era for ECM?

    When content management was introduced in the 1980s, it was cutting-edge, even bleeding edge and promised to transform the ways in which we work and do business. Getting “the right information, to the right people at the right time” was its promise.

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  • IBM is Offering Watson Analytics At No Charge

    IBM is Offering Watson Analytics - At No Charge

    IBM just announced a new use for Watson, its supercomputer: a freemium analytics service that's available to all business users. It provides business professionals a unified experience and natural language dialogue so they can make better use data to achieve business goals, IBM claims.

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  • Making Existing Big Data Investments Work For You

    Making Existing Big Data Investments Work For You

    Big data has finally arrived and is quickly maturing. IT leaders are now shifting from thinking about the possibility of making investments in big data platforms to thinking about how to get more out of the investments they’ve already made. And with good reason.

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  • Whats Trending in Digital Analytics

    What's Trending in Digital Analytics

    Here's a taste of some of the topics that came up this year: 1. Analytics Platforms No one really talks about analytics tools anymore.

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  • Gartner Tries to Protect Its Magic Quadrants

    Gartner really doesn't want to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding its Magic Quadrant (MQ) reports. The research firm is challenging many of NetScout's requests for information about its business practices, processes and internal review procedures involving the MQ reports.

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