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  • Business Transformation Starts With Letting Go

    Business Transformation Starts With Letting Go

    People sometimes accuse me of not appearing focused on the problem at hand. And every time I give the same answer: we might just be seeing the problem differently. Picture a bottomless pitcher of milk turned on its side, spilling milk onto the floor.

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  • Is a Cultural Shift Necessary for Better DX? #DXS15

    Is a Cultural Shift Necessary for Better DX? #DXS15

    Now that customers expect organizations to communicate with them personally, on any number of channels, should these organizations change their structure to better accommodate them?

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  • Realizing Collaboration's Potential

    Realizing Collaboration's Potential

    For the last 20 years, IT has offered new methods of collaboration and communication. Though the results have not been stellar, investment in collaboration remains high. Today we see knowledge workers provisioning their own tools.

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  • We Couldn't Have Done It Without You, Mom

    We Couldn't Have Done It Without You, Mom

    Summer of 1986. T-Ball city championship. Twins versus Astros. Gloucester, Mass. The Twins make the final out of the inning. Their players begin to scurry off the field to prepare for their final at-bat. One of those players, the center fielder, stopped for a bathroom break. Right there.

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  • What's Trending in Digital Analytics

    What's Trending in Digital Analytics

    Here's a taste of some of the topics that came up this year: 1. Analytics Platforms No one really talks about analytics tools anymore.

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  • Three CX Consultants Share Strategies in 'Connect'

    Three CX Consultants Share Strategies in 'Connect'

    As marketing shifts from campaigns and brand-building to analytics and cross-channel personalization, there's growing importance in understanding and shaping each customer's experience.

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  • 5 Questions to Consider Before Launching a DAM Initiative

    5 Questions to Consider Before Launching a DAM Initiative

    In a world with increasing numbers of rich media assets and a diverse set of distribution channels, organizations are taking a closer look at rich media management tools like digital asset management (DAM). However, the market is fragmented, and relatively few big-name vendors offer DAM solutions.

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  • Deployment Happens: Revolution by Evolution

    Deployment Happens: Revolution by Evolution

    One hundred and four. That's the number to beat. I use the number 104 because that's the number of keys on a physical keyboard. You know the keyboards I'm talking about.

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  • Change Management for DAM

    "It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg.

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  • Another Look at Leadership: Nature, Nurture or Destiny?

    We seem to have struck a nerve with two articles last week on leadership psychology. Both stories debated the age old question of whether leaders are born or made. But if you ask me, this question is not only a false dichotomy but a highly dangerous one.

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  • DevOps Practitioners: Practice What You Preach

    Steve Souders, a web performance engineer at Google, was a bit disheartened when he made his closing remarks at the recent Velocity conference in New York City.  "It's been seven years. I thought we'd be done by now,"  he said.

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  • Spotting the Digital Analytics Trends at X Change

    Every year's X Change conference surfaces what is first and foremost in the minds of the leading digital analytics practitioners and this year's was no different. I've been attending the X Change conference since it’s inception in 2006.

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  • Why Resistance is Essential to Transformation

    Deploying a new piece of technology is much more than a technology challenge. It’s a change challenge. A person having a nightmare can do many things in his dream -- run, hide, fight, scream, jump off a cliff, etc. -- but no change from any one of these behaviors to another would ever terminate that nightmare ... Paul Watzlawick, Change. We’re asking people to change the way they serve customers, the way they work with information and the way they get their jobs done. Change is the new normal.

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  • Book Review: Change with Confidence

    At what speed does your business make change happen? While technology evolves faster than ever, corporate culture has been slow to embrace, adapt and adopt new enterprise collaboration strategies, social technologies and overall business processes.

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