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    4 Questions to Ask Before You Send In the Chatbots

    The customer experience model of today looks different than it did even five years ago, yet certain pillars of customer experience remain.  With the introduction of any new tool for customer engagement, you must strive to make experiences more personal, available and efficient.

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    How Chatbots Improve Customer Experiences and Increase Efficiency

    To minimize wait times at call centers, many companies have developed self-care websites designed to help customers save time by solving some problems themselves — no human contacted required.  Mobile apps have also made customer experiences more efficient for everything from banking to ordering takeout food.

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    5 Rules to Avoid Bot Backlash From Customers

    Bot backlash is upon us. On Facebook, where companies once raced to implement time-saving bots, failure rates are reported  to have hit 70 percent.  Only three in 10 interactions go off without a hitch, according to recent reports.

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  • Man and woman shopping on mobile devices.

    Put Machine Learning to Work on Your Ecommerce Taxonomies

    Machine learning has come a long way in the last couple of decades, but it hasn’t come far as people sometimes imagine. Rather than AI taking over processes completely, it is helping to increase the efficiency of human-led processes.

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    17 Live Chat Solutions That Will Enhance Your Customer Journey

    Whether you're a small medium or enterprise sized company, a live chat solution can take your customer's experience to the next level.

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  • view of the floor at HubSpot's Inbound 17 conference

    HubSpot Unveils Conversations, Its 'Biggest Project' Yet, at INBOUND

    BOSTON — HubSpot unveiled a series of product updates today on the first full day of its 21,000-attendee INBOUND customer conference taking place at the Boston Exhibition and Convention Center.

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  • human robot interaction

    Exploring the Ethical and Social Implications of AI

    "We built AI to make our lives better," said Shannon Vallor, technology ethicist and professor in the Department of Philosophy at Santa Clara University, but using these systems without careful consideration can have "consequences we didn't expect.

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  • Scene at the Facebook Developer Conference F8. Sign that says "1.2 billion users" and another sign that says "Facebook Messenger"

    Sprout Social Launches Bot Builder for Facebook Messenger

    Sprout Social has introduced a new capability into its social media management platform that allows brands to build a customized chatbot for Facebook Messenger. That bot's duty? Serve as a front-line assistant to marketers and customer service professionals, providing information to customers and prospects. Sprout Social, a 7-year-old company

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  • Neon sign: "This is the sign you've been looking for"

    Here's Why Insight Engines Are the Next Big Thing

    With enterprise search increasingly influenced by intelligent enterprise assistants, the launch of the MQ for Insight Engines represents a logical update to Gartner’s Enterprise Search MQ.

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    Frictionless Customer Experiences Are the Best Customer Experiences

    One thing quickly becomes clear when speaking with the digital leaders who are delivering new experiences and driving engagement strategies for major brands and organizations: the push to eliminate friction between customers and brands is more important than ever before.

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    Do You Have AI Trust Issues?

    How much trust do you place in the machines you use and interact with every day? Do you ever think it might be possible for a machine to understand you as well as — or maybe even better than — another human being? The truth is that increasing numbers of

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    Will Facebook's ParlAI Make Chatbots Talk Pretty One Day?

    One of Facebook's more forward-looking artificial intelligence initiatives is ParlAI (pronounced par-lay), a recently-released open source platform developed by the Facebook AI Research team. Its raison d'etre is to create and test dialog models and then multi-task and train these models over many datasets at once.

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    Which Chatbot Is Right For You?

    Chatbots have been the talk of the content marketing world recently, with many brands out there developing and testing their own. The opportunities that chatbots offer are undeniable and chatbots can be implemented in various ways to suit a range of businesses and customer needs.

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  • Man at his desk using a phone

    How Voice-Based AI Improves the Digital Workplace

    Voice-based artificial intelligence (AI) has gone from obscurity to near ubiquity. My first experience using the technology was in the late 1990s on a PC that boasted a fraction of the computing power available on an Apple Watch today.

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