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    Social Beyond the Yammer Framework

    No matter how much Microsoft talks about development "at the speed of the cloud," there will be announcements and product releases that it holds back from the public eye for a time, to unveil later at a large industry event — such as what we saw with BUILD and Ignite

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  • Rewiring SharePoint Around End User Experiences

    Rewiring SharePoint Around End User Experiences

    ​From the earliest days of SharePoint, companies were attracted to the platform's range of functionality, relatively quick installation and the ability to shape the platform to meet an organization's unique business needs.

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  • Link Information Architecture to Productivity

    Link Information Architecture to Productivity

    The importance of a strong metadata and taxonomy strategy is unclear for many users. And this lack of clarity is fairly widespread across most organizations using SharePoint. But it's not just a SharePoint problem: the same issues are common to every other knowledge management or collaboration platform.

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  • Build Better Knowledge Management

    Build Better Knowledge Management

    Long before Google Glass wearers made the news (and became pariahs within San Francisco-area coffee houses and restaurants), research projects at huge companies like IBM and Microsoft sought to bridge the gap between the capture and storage of corporate knowledge and intellectual property, and the difficult-to-archive individual narrative that attempted

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  • 7 Reasons Why Facebook at Work Will Fail

    7 Reasons Why Facebook at Work Will Fail

    Would you move your business data and team conversations to a platform run by Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook advertising machine? While the Facebook for Business brand is nothing new, focused on providing a more effective advertising platform for businesses based on the social connections and information consumption of its

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  • Creating Governance Solutions for Hybrid SharePoint Environments

    Creating Governance Solutions for Hybrid SharePoint Environments

    What are the differences between SharePoint governance in online versus on-premises deployments? This question comes up regularly at conferences and events -- administrators and business owners alike want to know if their organizations need to change their administration activities for the cloud.

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  • Focus on the Last Mile of SharePoint Automation

    Focus on the Last Mile of SharePoint Automation

    When surrounded by a team of people, it is easy enough get the necessary help from others to work through a complex or confusing business process. However, as an employee in a remote office, most of your daily information worker activities are likely self-driven.

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  • 5 Steps for Building a SharePoint Migration Plan

    5 Steps for Building a SharePoint Migration Plan

    From all outward appearances, we seem to have turned a corner with SharePoint 2013 migrations. Compared to previous versions, SharePoint 2013 has experienced a relatively slow adoption cycle as organizations paused to understand the impacts of the new release -- and to understand, in many cases, their cloud strategies.

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  • The Future of SharePoint and the Social Pivot

    The Future of SharePoint and the Social Pivot

    Even within Microsoft that strategy is a work in progress, and the process by which the SharePoint team is building continues to evolve.

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  • SharePoint Strategy: Focus on Productivity Improvements

    With an updated platform release, companies often reflect on the state and well-being of their existing investments, asking themselves whether a move to the newest version is necessary, or possible. The same can be said for reviews of SharePoint implementations.

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  • CMSWire's Top Contributors 2013 - Christian Buckley

    Christian Buckley takes the "Evangelist" part of his title very seriously. He travels the world to spread the good word of SharePoint, speaking at conferences, attending meetings, contributing articles.  I suspect Christian lives in an alternative universe where there are more hours in the day than in yours or mine. 

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  • Insights into SharePoint Replication

    When I joined Microsoft back in 2006 to help build out the Microsoft Managed Services offerings -- a precursor to the SharePoint Online platform within Office365 -- I spent a good deal of time talking with customers and partners about improving the performance of SharePoint across multiple locations: from deployment

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  • Social Collaboration's Analytics Gap

    Metrics are the key to driving end user adoption. Unfortunately, social collaboration has an analytics gap.  This is not to say that there aren't tools out there for capturing and measuring social platform data. There are many.

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  • A Holistic Approach to Successful Collaboration

    Collaboration is not a tool; it is not a set of features. Collaboration has more to do with establishing communication patterns within your organization and across your partner and customer networks, so that these patterns soon become incorporated into the very fabric of your business.

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