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    Customer Experience Falls in Marketer Priority?

    Think everyone cares about the customer experience (CX)? Think again. When it comes to technology investments, more marketers rank social marketing, digital commerce and marketing analytics ahead of CX. That's one of the findings in Gartner’s 2015-2016 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Spend Survey, which included responses from marketing business leaders

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    CMOs Give Thanks For ...

    I’m thankful this Thanksgiving for cappuccino- and latte-ready Keurig coffee cups — so I don’t have to add cream and sugar like a Neanderthal. What am I really thankful for, though? Living near world-class Boston hospitals. Access to food, water and medicine whenever I want it.

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  • Big Egos in the C-Suite [Infographic]

    You know that fantasy about marketing and IT leaders aligning their priorities and working together to create compelling customer experiences? Well, it could happen ... if CIOs and CMOs would stop letting their egos get in the way. That's the conclusion from new research from Rackspace, which found ego

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    It Takes a Network for CMOs to Stay on Top

    Combine velocity and volatility with the 24/7 global business cycles and it becomes virtually impossible for any leader to stay on top of his or her game. For Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), staying on top can spell the difference between success and failure, for them as well as their companies.

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    Hootsuite Names Its First CMO

    Vancouver, British Columbia-based Hootsuite has named Penny Wilson as its first chief marketing officer. Wilson has more than 30 years of experience as a senior marketing and operations executive at companies including Juniper Networks and Macromedia, which Adobe acquired for $3.4 billion  in 2005.

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  • Open the door

    5 Keys to Unlock the Decade of the CMO

    As CMOs gain more power in the boardroom — and over technology spend — it will be critical that they understand the factors that drive success.

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    Multicultural Marketing Is Now Mainstream

    Companies need to do a better job in marketing their products to a more diverse customer base. That’s the conclusion of a study entitled, “Activating the New American Mainstream,” from Geoscape and the CMO Council, which found that over half of the 150 senior marketing executives surveyed believe their

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  • Oakland Warriors Chip Bowers

    Warriors' CMO Chip Bowers: Our Warriors Fans Are Family

    If the National Basketball Association (NBA) were to give an award for “CMO Working in His Dream Job,” Chip Bowers of Oakland, Calif.'s Golden State Warriors would be a shoo-in.

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    Are Marketers Falling Behind in Digital Experience?

    Marketers get it: businesses need to put customers first. Digital experiences are key in delivering an amazing customer experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to change the way they do business (if it hasn’t already begun to do so).

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  • Acquia CMO Takes on New Role

    Acquia's top marketing executive is switching roles. Tom Wentworth, the outspoken CMO of the 710-employee Andover, Mass.-based digital experience provider, is moving to the role of senior vice president of product at Acquia. He will oversee a team of about 30.

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    Marketers Now Can Measure ... Their Stress

    Marketers are in big trouble. And it's not because they failed statistics in college and are faking it when it comes to analytics. While that may be the case, apparently, the real red-alarm issue is overwork and stress. They're reaching dangerous levels, according to a new survey.

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    Can the CFO and CMO Get on the Same Side?

    We live in heady times. Times when siloes within organizations must be broken down so data and intelligence can be shared. Times when even the CFO and the CMO must work together ... dare we say, be friends. Talk of the CMO and the CFO cooperating is not new.

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  • 3 Ways to Better Demand Generation [Infographic]

    A tiny 2 percent of marketers believe they have a highly effective demand generation strategy that gets them high-quality leads, according to a new study by the CMO Council. Developed in conjunction with NetLine and The Content ROI Center, the Lead Flow That Helps You Grow report (form required)

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    Marketing Moves to Center Stage

    In previous generations, marketers have been thought of as “lead generators” for the sales department. But recent research into how corporate CEOs view the role of marketing reveals that now, more than ever, marketing is perceived to be strategic to a company’s success.

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