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  • The CMOs Roadmap for Content Marketing Success

    The CMO's Roadmap for Content Marketing Success

    Almost every marketing leader will tell you that content is essential to sparking meaningful engagement with prospects and customers. But content marketing as a practice is still evolving -- marketing teams don’t have a clear blueprint for how much investment to make or how to determine the ROI.

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  • Sales A Star Player on the CMOs Team

    Sales: A Star Player on the CMO's Team

    Well into 2015, marketers are more than ever contributing to that goal by discovering new prospects, filling sales pipelines and driving revenue. Part of accomplishing goals and objectives means all departments within the organization work as a joined force. Most importantly, CMOs must ensure marketing is in lockstep with sales.

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  • 3 Reasons a CMOs Digital Projects Fail

    3 Reasons a CMO's Digital Projects Fail

    Today, they are full-blown digital players, charged with profit and loss and caring for the entire customer lifecycle. If your company has a digital customer-facing project underway, it’s a sure bet that the buck stops with the CMO.

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  • Do We Expect Too Much of CMOs

    Do We Expect Too Much of CMOs?

    You may have noticed that the relationship between buyer and seller is in major flux. This turmoil impacts the position tasked with leading firms’ marketing efforts and held responsible for leading firms’ marketing efforts — the CMO.

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  • Successful CMOs Create the Structure to Innovate

    Successful CMOs Create the Structure to Innovate

    Change conquers those who fail to receive it as a friend. And change has got marketing in a headlock these days. Consumers engage with brands, explore products and make purchases in ever more channels and on ever more devices -- and this dizzying trend will only continue.

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  • The Marketing Technology Explosion A Blessing or a Curse

    The Marketing Technology Explosion: A Blessing or a Curse?

    My first two reactions to Scott Brinker’s super infographic covering the marketing technology landscape were: WOW and WOW. The first wow -- Wow, we have come a long way.

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  • Show Me the Money Marketing Results You Can Prove

    Show Me the Money - Marketing Results You Can Prove

    CMOs have to prove their worth. They have to show value to the CEO, the board and the entire C-Suite. Showing results is not just important for career success, but for survival in general. According to a study by Spencer Stuart, CMO tenure lasts under four years -- a

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  • Learn the ABCs of CMOs

    Learn the ABCs of CMOs

    To be a CMO today, you need the ABCs -- agility, bullishness, and customer-centricity. The ABCs of a CMO are both for how to work internally with your team and peers as well as externally to build your brand and drive revenue. Let’s take one at a time.

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  • 6 Things That Make Modern CMOs Stand Out

    6 Things That Make Modern CMOs Stand Out

    I remember when marketing was more about printing flyers, sending direct mailers, attending events and mass advertising. Selling was heavy on cold calling, or “dialing for dollars” as many professionals affectionately renamed it. And snail mail and these dinosaurs called “fax machines” handled most other parts of the business.

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  • Do You Have What it Takes to Be a CMO

    Do You Have What it Takes to Be a CMO?

    CMOs today require different knowledge and skills from those needed just five years ago. We are accountable for revenue and results and for crafting a compelling customer experience across the buyer journey.

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  • The Year of the Predictive Marketer

    The Year of the Predictive Marketer

    Welcome to 2015: The Year of the Predictive Marketer. In the year ahead, CMOs will need to not only build and foster teams that are data-savvy, but they will also need to embrace advancements in data analytics as core to their strategy and decision-making.

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  • How CMOs Create Golden Ticket Marketing Teams

    How CMOs Create Golden Ticket Marketing Teams

    There are as many opinions on what marketing does, what it should say and how it should be measured as there are people in a company. That makes the role of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) the most subjective position within any company. But even brilliant CMOs don’t last forever.

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  • CMOs Listen to Customers, Not Processes

    It took me a long time to know the difference between being an executive and being a mid-level or senior-level manager. In my first executive position, I tended to act as I previously had rather than what I needed to be.

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  • Survey: Marketers Will Be Revenue Generators in 3 to 5 Years

    We said last summer marketers are a paranoid bunch. Will I go extinct? Does my work even matter? We think a lot of that holds true today.  It's all going to change, though. Marketers in the next three to five years will matter -- even to their organization's bottom line.

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