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  • Plone Open Source CMS Review

    Plone is a popular Open Source Web CMS based on the Zope application framework. A recent review of Plone by Roger Johansson is definitely worth a close read if you are considering Plone as a Web CMS.[Editor's Note (4-Oct-2007): Check out our case study on how Discover Magazine uses Plone as a primary publishing platform.] Roger is a Swedish-based web developer sort, with an emphasis on presentation technologies,

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  • Quantum Art Updates CMS Framework Offering

    San Francisco-based Quantum Art, a provider of content management solutions, delivers their latest product, the QP7.Framework, a content application server. QP7 Enterprise is notable for its ability to enable business users to easily produce functional web components."QP7.

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  • Movable Type 3.0 Review

    An enterprising young Neil Turner of York, United Kingdom has posted a review of the recently released Movable Type 3.0 Developers Edition. Neil steers far clear of the recent outcry (whining) about MT's new licensing model (What? Pay for software?).

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