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    VMware 'Embraces and Extends' Containerization

    About the only thing financial analysts know about the containerization trend, led by Docker, is that its style of virtualization does not require a hypervisor.

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    What You Need to Know About Containerization (Pt.2)

    By now, you’re probably familiar with virtualization, and it has probably been defined for you as the staging of software assets on a software-based platform spread across multiple servers, engineered to look to those assets like a hardware-based platform. That’s certainly what virtualization has been for most data centers.

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    What You Need to Know About Containerization

    Only IT could come up with a word that is such an assault on the ears as “containerization.”  We don’t “boxify” gifts on Christmas Eve, a fact for which we may give thanks the month before.

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    Windows and Linux Mix-and-Match Clouds

    Developers outside of Microsoft will be able to experiment for the first time with new classes of applications that run partly on Windows, partly on Linux. This is a result of Microsoft's public release today of its third preview of Windows Server 2016. It’s a new phase in the relationship between Microsoft and Docker Inc.,

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    Will You Need Analytics to Track Your Apps’ Behavior?

    Here is an aspect of the behavior of your future business applications that you may never have had to consider before:  Suppose as you fully transition your services to cloud platforms, you move to this more efficient model of microservices delivered through this emerging format called containers, championed by Docker.

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  • Like Windows Docker Does Too

    Like Windows? Docker Does, Too

    Server-based applications built for Linux and packaged in Docker containers will be able to run on a Windows platform.  This a result of Docker Inc.’s release today of its Docker 1.6 package, which features a Windows-based Docker client console  contributed to the project by Microsoft itself.

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  • Why You Should Care About Docker's Latest Addition: SocketPlane

    At some point soon, you and your colleagues will likely wonder whether you need to make a fundamental change to your IT infrastructure ... at least if you want your organization to be effective and remain competitive.

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  • Everything You Really Need to Know About Docker

    Everything You Really Need to Know About Docker

    A two-year-old technology is at the spearhead of a genuine revolution in data center architectures, for both software and hardware. With yesterday's release by the Docker organization of open source tools for orchestrating the deployment of containerized applications anywhere from a data center cluster to a single laptop, the very

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  • IBM Finally Builds a Solid Cloud Platform IBMInterConnect

    IBM Finally Builds a Solid Cloud Platform #IBMInterConnect

    After nearly two years of attempting to redefine “cloud” to mean “the hodgepodge of services IBM has cobbled together,” IBM this week put forward a clear and respectable vision of a viable software-defined data center that organizations can actually, finally put to use.

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  • 5 Steps to Effectively Manage Your Mobile Social Workforce

    5 Steps to Effectively Manage Your Mobile, Social Workforce

    The explosive growth of mobile and social technology is no surprise: It is a natural evolution of how we as humans interact. Mobile and social technology has provided us with the ability to organize, and connect faster and better than ever before.

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