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  • How To: Integrating Amazon CDN in 4 Simple Steps

    The news that Amazon is now offering a low-cost CDN has likely excited many people. Aptly named CloudFront, this service is stirring up a lot of attention. In our overview of the new service, we outlined the basic steps to use CloudFront.

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  • Amazon Launches Cheap CDN for SMB Web Publishers

    Well known as being the pioneer for cloud computing services, Amazon has released the beta version of its latest initiative -- a content delivery network. Amazon's CloudFront CDN is cheap enough that SMB web publishers are now able to serve their more popular content to their customers quickly and easily.

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  • BrightCove 3: Not Just Another YouTube

    Brightcove, a video distribution platform, has undergone major changes that will help make this platform an impressive solution for customers looking to produce and distribute video content on the Web. From tiered pricing to API enhancements, this might be the most impressive release from Brightcove yet.

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  • Amazon Plans to Launch New Content Delivery Service

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), a provider of Internet data storage and delivery services, is planning to release an unnamed content delivery service that will likely undercut the existing Content Delivery Network (CDN) competition to provide customers with faster and cheaper digital content delivery options.

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  • Interwoven Provides Better Experiences Using TeamSite

    Interwoven has enhanced its TeamSite and LiveSite Solutions to provide faster and better online experiences. The new features enable marketers to focus on getting quality content to the right audience faster than ever. Out of the Box Building Blocks for TeamSite TeamSite 6.7.2, Interwoven's flagship enterprise content management system has

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  • Mashable Partners to Accelerate Content Delivery

    Was Mashable having website troubles? They have partnered with EdgeCast Networks, a content delivery network, to speed up the delivery of their social media news and information so you can get your fill of what's happening in the blogosphere that much quicker.

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  • Modavox Makes Magic with Webcast Wizard

    Almost everyone remembers The Sorcerer's Apprentice, in which Mickey Mouse uses the complex wizarding powers of another to foible a bit but ultimately launch himself into film history.

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