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    Simplify the Content Editing and Approval Process

    I started my career in content at an executive recruiting firm, where I wrote and edited 200 bios for the associates (we weren’t allowed to call them recruiters). I only had to have that person — the one I had written the bio about — approve what I had written.

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    Forget the News, I'm on Facebook

    Uh oh, online news providers: It looks like you're losing the fight for customer satisfaction. Perhaps even worse, you're losing it to social media — a category that one year ago ranked worst among the industries measured by American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

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  • CMSWire Tweet Jam: How Brands Stand Out in a Sea of Content #cxmchat

    Brands are competing for a limited resource: attention. So why do some brands get it again and again, while others flounder with content marketing initiatives? What separates the success stories from the rest? Join in to discuss these questions and more at this month's Tweet Jam.

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  • 3 letter C

    The 3 Cs of Content Strategy

    From cosmetics manufacturers to hotels, everyone’s a publisher now.  The problem is no longer how much content a company can produce, but how much of it is consumed and acted upon — by the right people.

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    Reduce the Guesswork to Creating Great Content

    Content is growing in most enterprises at a rate of 200 percent per year, and companies are quickly realizing that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with this growth across all the channels they have to now manage.

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    Why a Content Engineer is Vital to Your Content's Health

    I have a six-year-old son who is convinced he is going to be an engineer. His vision of the future is fueled by Lego, Magna Tiles and an assortment of chemistry sets we do while I close my eyes and hope we don’t blow up the house.

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  • Stop

    Don't Hit Publish Until You Answer These Questions

    I won’t pretend to be a content marketing expert. But as a B2B content writer, my humble opinion on the subject can be summed up in six words: Stop doing content for content’s sake.

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    Juggling the Big 3 of Multilingual Content

    Businesses today are global by nature. We live in a time where customers around the world can find companies anytime, anywhere in a matter of seconds via the Internet. If you have a corporate website, you’re reaching people in other countries without even trying.

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    Feed Your E-Commerce Engine Great Content

    We want strong e-commerce experiences for our customers. We want strong content experiences. We want strong customer experiences.

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  • The Challenge for Writers of Web Content

    The challenge for writers of web content is that we think that people want to read our content. They don’t. The web is not a murder mystery. People don’t want to get "sucked into" the content we write.

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  • Hippo CMS 10 Puts the Focus on Content Performance

    Marketers trying to deliver more personalized digital experiences to their customers might be interested in Hippo’s latest announcement -- the release of Hippo CMS 10.

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  • Putting the Customer First is the Best Business Case

    Over the years, we have done a number of task identification projects for health organizations. Generally, the top task was checking symptoms. However, when we worked with Norwegian Hospitals, we found the top task was: “what happens before, during and after treatment.

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  • Experiences The 7th Era of Marketing

    Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing

    Avid travelers have a unique lifestyle. They’re curious. They’re adventurous. And most of all, they value the experience of travel. Marriott sells hotel rooms. Or does it? Marriott is one of just a few companies evolving its marketing focus when it comes to engaging audiences.

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  • Dont Let Your Personas Get Stuck

    Don't Let Your Personas Get Stuck

    If case you haven’t noticed, personas are a pretty big deal these days. Marketers plant relevant, engaging content throughout digital experiences on multiple channels to try and move the business forward. And that content must be relevant and individualized. But marketers face a growing challenge. Yes, yet another one.

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