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    RedPoint Global Says New Customer Engagement Hub Solves 'Engagement Gap'

    RedPoint Global, a data management and integrated marketing technology company, today released a solution to help organizations build customer engagement. Called the Customer Engagement Hub, it integrates data from structured and unstructured environments, applies machine learning to customer analytics and helps marketers orchestrate interactions with customers.

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    Why Marketing's Data Skills Gap Isn't as Bad as You Think

    Back in 2011, Gartner predicted CMOs would spend more on technology than CIOs by 2017. It even reaffirmed that projection last year. In fact, the prediction seems accurate: CMOs are investing more in tech. However, marketers are still struggling to transition to more data-focused marketing.

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    BlueConic Releases Machine Learning Powered Recommendations Engine

    BlueConic added a new feature to its Customer Data Platform (CDP) which leverages machine learning and proprietary algorithms to produce content and product recommendations for individual prospects. Cory Munchbach, vice president of marketing for Boston-based BlueConic  said the new BlueConic Recommendations Engine serves marketers better than clickbait-based content recommendations intended

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    Keep Your Eye on Customer Data Platforms: They'll Be Worth $1B by 2019

    Customer Data Platforms (CDP) will reach $1 billion by 2019, according to the marketing technology consultancy that coined the category three years ago. Researchers at Swarthmore, Pa.-based Raab Associates  made the prediction after analyzing 27 CDP vendors that collectively generated more than $300 million in revenue last year.

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    Why Customer Data Platforms Are Gaining Traction

    The holiday shopping season sent a clear message to marketers: if you don't have a holistic, data-driven view of your customers, you'll be left behind.   Online and in-store boundaries are blurring. The season sounded a death knell to marketing strategies that lacked a mobile component. Mobile sales  rose to almost

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    Following the Intent Data Breadcrumbs

    With small data here and big data there and lots of data everywhere, marketers must feel like Old MacDonald on a free-range farm. Small data. Big data. Demographic data. Behavioral data.

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