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  • The Customer is the Meme

    The key to transforming an old-model organization is to flood it with the experience of the customer. The experience of the customer is the spear point of change.

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  • Turn Sales into Customer Ambassadors: Reward Renewals

    A talent manager friend of mine puts it bluntly: “people do what they’re paid to do.” More specifically, she means people do what they’re incented to do -- especially through bonuses, commissions and other performance-based compensation.

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  • Customer Experience: Being Loyal to Your Customer Pays

    Organizations need to be loyal to their customers if they want their customers to be loyal to them. “Companies are adept at chasing new customers while watching the churn,” Keith Pearce, Vice President, Solutions Marketing at Genesys states.

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  • A Customer Saved is a Customer Earned

    Almost every company claims that they value their customers immensely, but do actions always follow these claims? In an age where consumer opinion can make or break businesses, most companies need to do a better job of prioritizing the source of their livelihood.

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