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  • Amdocs Smartbot Aims to Handle Customer Service and Close the Deal

    Amdocs has rolled out an intelligent bot called Smartbot for its digital service provider customers. Powered by aia, Amdocs’ intelligence platform, and Microsoft Cognitive Services, Smartbot is able to engage customers in conversation and perhaps more significantly, can also close transactions for the customers.

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  • walking and texting

    WhatsApp Readies for Business

    Menlo Park, Calif.-based WhatsApp is home to 1.2 billion people who chat, share, call and soon — thanks to WhatsApp for Business — receive customer care.  The Facebook-owned messaging app recently announced WhatsApp Business accounts via its website, “In the coming months, we'll be testing new features that aim

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  • robot decal with a heart

    Intelligent Virtual Assistants: Improving, But Still Not AI

    [24]7, provider of intent-driven customer experience applications, rolled out AIVA, its conversational virtual agent for self-service in mid-August. It was just the latest move in the growing self-service customer experience space.

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  • Dunder Mifflin call center recreation

    How to Make the Most of Your Contact Center Data

    Your company’s contact center is more than just a hotline for fielding customer questions or complaints. And if you're still viewing it that way, it’s time to say goodbye to that outdated perception. Contact centers are your hub for delivering outstanding customer service.

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  • field technician

    Here's Why Field Service Technicians Are Your New Brand Ambassadors

    Remember when our idea of customer service was one touch point, a call center which allowed for limited customer interactions? Fast forward to today, and what used to be thought of as customer service is now just a piece of the overall customer experience.

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  • Salesforce Service Cloud Console

    Salesforce Unveils Second Generation of Service Cloud

    Salesforce rolled out the second generation of its Service Cloud this morning. Per Salesforce's usual M.O. for application upgrades, it sports faster set-up capabilities, productivity enhancements around the console function and a brand new mobile app for service agents.

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  • robot love

    Do You Have AI Trust Issues?

    How much trust do you place in the machines you use and interact with every day? Do you ever think it might be possible for a machine to understand you as well as — or maybe even better than — another human being? The truth is that increasing numbers of

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  • COPC's RevealCX Monitoring App Takes Quality Assurance One Step Further

    COPC, a customer experience management consulting company based in Winter Park, Fla., had struggled for years to recommend a quality assurance monitoring system to its clients before it decided to build one itself. COO Kathleen Jezierski remembers the client that finally put COPC on the path of software developer.

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  • ye olde chatbot

    How Robotic Process Automation Fits in Your Contact Center

    Automation has introduced efficiency throughout enterprises for decades now.  One example comes from the world of customer service. Contact centers have long embraced automation in the form of Interactive Voice Response (IVR), much to the dismay of their customers.

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  • Apple's Grant Ritchie

    Apple Enters Customer Service Arena With iOS Business Chat

    It's a text- and messenger-crazy world, and Apple wants in on the business side. The consumer giant debuted Apple Business Chat for its Messages application today, a chat-based customer service channel for businesses.  Apple officials debuted the new tool at the company's WWDC Developer Conference  in San Jose, Calif. today.

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  • Gerry McGovern presents at eZconf2017

    Customer Service Is the New Customer Acquisition

    LONDON — Traditionally, brands have controlled the narrative between themselves and their customers, mainly because they had near-exclusive access to the required technology. But with the introduction of social media, customers gained a voice in the narrative and the balance of power shifted in their favor.

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  • Joe Ades, a.k.a. The Gentleman Peeler at work in Union Square, NYC

    Here's How to Slice and Dice Your Call Center Data

    If you’ve ever had a problem with a product, there’s a good chance you picked up the phone and called customer support.

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  • on the phone

    Helpshift’s Salesforce Integration Brings Customer Service In-App

    San Francisco-based Helpshift has rolled out an integration with Salesforce Service Cloud that allows service agents to support customers directly within the app.

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  • bad design

    Optimizing Internal Efficiency Versus Customer Experience

    There was once a company whose packaging was notoriously difficult to open. In fact, a TV program had a competition where it offered a prize for anybody who could open the package without spilling the contents. Nobody won the prize. Why would an organization do that? Internal efficiency.

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