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  • Deliver Your Brands Promise with Content Marketing

    Deliver Your Brand's Promise with Content Marketing

    While you will want to include the insights of senior leadership for content creation, the customer's point of view should take center stage in your content strategy. This customer-centric filter can weed out some of the trial and error methods that content without the customer at the center uses.

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  • Its Time to Adopt Customer Journey Thinking

    It's Time to Adopt Customer Journey Thinking

    What’s the path to deep customer insight? Customer Journey Thinking. Organizations must stop looking at customers through their internal lens of interactions and focus their attention on customers’ overall journey. New Realities of Customer Interactions Companies have always struggled to understand customers, but it’s getting even harder.

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  • If You Build It Will They Convert 3 Content Marketing Steps

    If You Build It, Will They Convert? 3 Content Marketing Steps

    But what good does all that time, energy and money do if, once the visitor is on your website or blog, you’re not able to turn them into a prospect or customer? Don’t miss that opportunity, your career may depend on it.

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  • See the Whole Customer to Guide the Decision Journey

    See the Whole Customer to Guide the Decision Journey

    While “the journey” is a better metaphor than many previous ones used by marketers, especially the militaristic “campaign” or industrial “funnel,” it tends to belie the complexity of the process of turning interest into purchase.

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