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  • It's Time to Prepare for New Data Protection Regs #RSAC

    SAN FRANCISCO — Last December, the European Union came to an agreement on the General Data Protection Regulation. Organizations now have about two years to comply. The regulation resulted from a proposal in January 2012, with the goal of strengthening data protection for European citizens.

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  • monument valley

    The Wild West of IoT Legislation

    It’s 2020 and you get home from work one evening to discover an angry group of neighbors crowded at your apartment door. Inside, your landlady and a team of firemen are attempting to clear up a flood that’s spread throughout the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

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  • Padlocks

    Protect Information As If It Was Your Own

    When I was in my 20s, technology was simple. All I had to do was make things work.

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  • Walking the labyrinth

    The Fine Line Between Privacy and Convenience

    Talk to a room full of marketers about delivering personalized, relevant experiences, and we'll get excited. We spend a lot of time thinking about who we want to reach (our audience personas), and the content strategy and technology that make up that experience.  And so we collect data.

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  • See no evil hear no evil speak no evil

    Big Data and Flexible Ethics

    Few of us would doubt the value in the proper use of big data collection. Healthcare is perhaps most important, but better law enforcement and product safety improvement come in close seconds. Then there’s the intelligence value of collected data to find and neutralize growing threats to our nation.

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  • Your Customers Arent Mindless Clicking Machines

    Your Customers Aren't Mindless Clicking Machines

    Big Data Driven Marketing: Boon or Bane for Customers? There has been a lot of talk recently about what big data could mean for marketing, and analysts have observed that next-generation marketers need to be able to evaluate data accurately and consistently so that their business can target customers as

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