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  • Social Business Means Mobile Business

    A perfect storm. Mobile and social have converged. Today, you cannot execute a business social strategy without executing a mobile strategy. According to Flurry, a leading mobile analytics provider, social networking accounts for 32 percent of all time spent using mobile applications, second only to gaming.

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  • Why Smaller May be Better for Social Business Communities

    When asked about the quality of his tanks, Joseph Stalin famously quipped, “Quantity has a quality all of its own.” Today most people running social networks and communities have the same outlook.

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  • When Planning Your Mobile Strategy, Think Deep

    Mobile strategy often starts with ambitious plans for native apps or new mobile web sites. This makes sense, but falls short of supporting the most important element of a mobile strategy -- Deep Linking.

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  • WEM: Type is the New Cool in Web Design

    Typography is the single most import element of web design. Type has impact. It can make your content sing, or die. It delivers your message, embodies your brand and is the conduit for web experience. Type is critical because the web is text. In fact, according to some experts, “

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  • Mobile Internet Era: Planning Your Mobile Strategy

    Imagine if the Internet were 10 times as large. Now imagine if the explosive growth of the Internet happened 10 times as fast. That is exactly what is happening now.

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  • The Super Page - Making Websites Persuasive with Content Density

    Conventional wisdom says web content should be concise. However, blind application of this rule is a mistake -- there are good cases for lengthy, dense web content. Web writers have been trained to write punchy value propositions and short copy.

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