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  • The Fate of EMC Documentum at Dell

    EMC Federation product teams can’t catch a break. It seems that nearly every time they go to make a new product announcement some wrinkle or rumor around the company’s takeover by Dell emerges and steals the show.

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  • Derek Walter "golfing badly"

    Buying Customer Love: Swag and Diversions at Oracle OpenWorld

    SAN FRANCISCO — By the time the afternoon at Oracle OpenWorld rolled around, I had learned to either look down or lapse into a dead stare when walking through the halls of the Moscone Center here.

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  • Document management roll-up

    Doc Mgt Roll-Up: Dropbox Wants You to Use Paper

    Dropbox wants you to embrace Paper ... sort of. Before you shed a tear over those defenseless trees, read on. What Dropbox is actually doing is expanding a document collaboration tool called Notes that it launched in very limited beta in April.

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  • Dell, Microsoft Deepen Partnership With Hybrid Cloud

    Dell and Microsoft extended their partnership today with a cloud-in-a-box — a hybrid offering designed to make it easier for businesses of all sizes to transition to the cloud. Dell CEO Michael Dell and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the announcement this morning at Dell World in Austin, Texas. The

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  • vmworld europe

    It’s Tough to Sleep at #VMworld Europe

    In hindsight, there were good reasons for VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger to be a bit nervous at VMworld in San Francisco last summer. He, EMC CEO Joe Tucci and Dell CEO Michael Dell had already been talking about the potential Dell /EMC acquisition for three months.

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  • Bittersweet: Understanding Dell’s Acquisition of EMC

    Even before the sun rose at Dell’s Round Rock, Texas headquarters this morning, the deal was official. Dell has agreed to acquire EMC for $33.154 per share or approximately $67 billion in the largest tech deal ever. That breaks down to $24.

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  • Dell Will Reportedly Offer $33 a Share for EMC

    (Update: Bloomberg reports Dell is offering about $33 a share to buy EMC, plus tracking stock in VMware valued at around $8 a share. Investopedia defines tracking stock as common stock issued by a parent company that tracks the performance of a particular division without having claim on the assets of the division or the parent company. Neither EMC nor Dell were available for comment.) Dell’s rumored purchase of data storage giant EMC would be the biggest tech deal in history. But it just doesn’t make any sense to tech industry watchers and some EMC employees.

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  • whispers, secrets, rumors

    What's Behind the EMC and Dell Rumors

    Desperate times call for desperate measures …. EMC's Chairman and CEO Joe Tucci and his board are probably feeling the strain. They are under intense pressure to do something before activist investor Elliott Management plays its hand. The hedge fund which owns around two percent of EMC’s shares wants

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  • elephants trunk to trunk

    Can Everyone in the Hadoop Market Win?

    Big data wins aren’t about which vendor is better than the next or which analytics provider offers the best algorithms. ”Hadoop is transformative,” Hortonworks President Herb Cunitz told the crowd at the Hadoop Summit this week in San Jose, Calif. It’s not an experiment.

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  • 3 Vendors Lead the Wave for Big Data Predictive Analytics

    3 Vendors Lead the Wave for Big Data Predictive Analytics

    Enterprises have lots of solid choices for big data predictive analytics. That’s the key takeaway from Forrester's just released Wave for Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions for the second quarter of 2015. That being said, the products Forrester analysts Mike Gualtieri and Rowan Curran evaluated are quite different.

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  • Private or Public Different Stories from Dell HubSpot

    Private or Public: Different Stories from Dell, HubSpot

    How's Dell doing after going private a little more than a year ago? We don't know. It's private. The PC giant took the private route in an historic $24.9 billion buyout last year called the biggest in tech since the Great Recession. But it's not being all hush-hush, of course.

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  • Will Big Data Analytics Fuel Dells Renaissance DellWorld

    Will Big Data Analytics Fuel Dell's Renaissance? #DellWorld

    Michael Dell and friends are rocking Austin, Texas this week. The company best known for making “made to order” personal computers and servers has a boatload of well-established customers and the “freedom to be bold,” now that it a private company, said Michael Dell, the company’s founder and CEO.

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  • Why Dell Just Unveiled the Dell Business Phone

    Why Dell Just Unveiled the Dell Business Phone

    It’s not April and this isn’t a joke. Dell introduced the Dell Business Phone just minutes ago.

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  • 5 Lessons About Big Data from Big Companies

    5 Lessons About Big Data from Big Companies

    Big data is no longer the sole domain of big companies. As the perception of big data moves from futuristic hype to real-world opportunity, the promise of improved decision making, increased operational efficiency and new revenue streams has more organizations actively engaging in data analysis projects than ever before.

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