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  • Casting Light on the Internet of Things

    Casting Light on the Internet of Things

    Smart bulbs were among the first products to have commercial success in the connected home. While simple in theory, they have the very practical application of allowing users to control electric lights from smartphones or tablets. Interactivity is one of their key features.

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  • Samsung Pushes Open IoT with SmartThings Buy

    Samsung Pushes Open IoT with SmartThings Buy

    Samsung has just made a play for a bigger stake in the Internet of Things. It plans to buy SmartThings’ open platform for monitoring, controlling and automating homes from a single device.

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  • Do You Really Want to Give Google Your Health Data

    Do You Really Want to Give Google Your Health Data?

    (Update: Google took on Apple in the health arena yesterday with the launch of Google Fit. The company announced the new initiative at its Google I/O Developers Conference in San Francisco. Google Fit is an open fitness and health tracking platform. The platform SDK will be available in just a few weeks. The news comes just a few weeks after after Apple announced HealthKit at its Worldwide Developers Conference. HealthKit, which will be bundled with Apple's new iOS 8, is a hub where you can monitor daily health stats and track data over time.) If reports are right, Google will announce its second attempt to tap into health data at its annual developer-focused

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  • Do We Really Want Apple to Corner the Smart Home Market

    Do We Really Want Apple to Corner the Smart Home Market?

    The home is where we spend our time, living, sleeping, socializing — and, yes, working. That being said, it's no surprise there has been a significant amount of innovation around the smart home concept in recent years.

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  • Siri, Dim the Lights #WWDC

    The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to pick up steam, as Apple briefly -- and we mean briefly -- discussed HomeKit, its smart home service, at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 this week in San Francisco. Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, reportedly spoke about HomeKit for

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  • Apples iBeacons Could Reinvigorate Retail

    Apple's iBeacons Could Reinvigorate Retail

    Brick-and-mortar store locations are declining — and online retail continues to devour market share. Could Apple's iBeacon technology be the catalyst that slows the slide of traditional stores or even stops their predicted demise? It’s no secret the majority of physical retail locations have trouble competing with online retailers.

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  • How to Mine Gold from the Internet of Things

    How to Mine Gold from the Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has been an idea at the edge of market disruption for some time now, and a lot of companies are jumping into the game. Google acquired Nest to elbow its way into the smart home market. Samsung is pumping out smart watches at breakneck speed

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  • Wearable Tech Yep Its the New Black

    Wearable Tech? Yep, It's the New Black

    Forget Paris. Thanks to wearable tech, trendy accessories are likely to come from Silicon Valley these days. Ok ... Slight exaggeration. But no one can argue that wearable tech is hot. Products like the Jawbone UP and the Fitbit Force are two of the more popular connected devices you can

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  • Shifting the Internet of Things into Overdrive

    Shifting the Internet of Things into Overdrive

    I'm still not fully seeing why my Internet aware toaster will make my life better when it communicates with my Internet aware margarita maker. What I do see, however, is an open road to a world of self-driving Internet aware cars. I can't wait until mobile becomes motile.

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  • Extreme Goes Deep at the Super Bowl with Analytics

    Networking hardware makers are seeing a unique opportunity in analytics. Why? All the data passes through their pipes.

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  • Internet of Things Name Stupid or Brilliant

    Internet of Things Name: Stupid or Brilliant?

    What’s in a name?  Not much — if you’re referring to the Internet of Things, said Benny Placido, business development director for Edinburgh, Scotland-based Bluemungus , an app and Web developer. “I’ve been around the industry a long time, and these phrases become meaningless after a while,” Placido said.

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  • $19T in Internet of Things: How Cisco Plans to Get There

    Yesterday, CMSWire reported that Cisco CEO John Chambers thought the Internet of Things (IoT) was worth $19 trillion. Big number, eh? Today, Cisco shares didn't even budge, pointing out the market has trouble seeing this number.

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  • How to Optimize Mobile for Holiday Purchases [Infographic]

    Only nineteen more days until Cyber Monday — the day when customers, hungover from Thanksgiving meals and recovering from Black Friday brawls, go online to finish (or for some, start) their holiday shopping. Each year the competition to offer the best prices gets tougher.

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  • Want to Capture Customers' Attention? Act Like a Media Company

    I have a confession to make. I suffer from Customer Attention Deficit Disorder. I use multiple screens, devices and resources to make online buying decisions.

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