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  • NPS2: Way More Than a Metric

    Just when you thought you had this whole Net Promoter Score (NPS) thing down — it changes. From its beginnings as a metric of customer loyalty to today’s focus as a driver of customer experience innovation, the NPS methodology is entering a new phase, with a new name: NPS2.

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  • What Dan Glickberg Learned at His Family's Business

    What Dan Glickberg Learned at His Family's Business

    New York City does many things extremely well, from the lights on Broadway to world-class destination shopping.  So it's somewhat perplexing that the city arguably has the most lackluster, overpriced, outdated grocery stores in the nation — with just a few notable exceptions, like Fairway.

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  • Week in Review: No Outbound Marketing + Hadoop Winners

    Week in Review: No Outbound Marketing + Hadoop Winners

    Calling Content Engineers Why they're a must for good content. Death of Outbound Marketing Would we survive? Meetings are a Mess Can we just make them betterSay It Ain't So, Microsoft More Windows 10 Phone babble. Everyone Wins Hadoop called "transformative."  Insider Security Threats Be prepared.

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  • NYS's CDO: Our Job Is Putting People First

    NYS's CDO: Our Job Is Putting People First

    Talk about a big responsibility: When Rachel Sterne Haot was hired as New York State's Chief Digital Officer last year, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo gave her the job of taking the Empire State's "digital presence to the next level.

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  • How Effective Are CRM Systems?

    How Effective Are CRM Systems?

    No matter how many bells and whistles CRM develops each year — customer listening, social media promotion, analytics-everywhere, to name a few examples — the core of the platform remains the same. At the end of the day it all starts from a foundation of service, sales and marketing.

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  • How Can You Measure Dark Social?

    How Can You Measure Dark Social?

    Internet users are getting more sophisticated with their digital behavior, especially in terms of expressing themselves online. Take peer-to-peer (P2P) social platforms, for instance — networks designed for IM chats.

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  • New Service Aims to Empower Local Businesses

    New Service Aims to Empower Local Businesses

    Local businesses just got a boost with the launch of a new service that combines online scheduling, automated marketing, real time communication and client management — all in one integrated experience. Optimized for mobile web and mobile apps, MyTime Scheduler was created to give small businesses a level playing field

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  • How Marketing Content Wastes Money

    Docurated has confirmed what many marketing people already suspect: only a small percentage of that content you create is actually being used in the sales process.

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  • We Should Talk: How Live Chat Improves CX

    We Should Talk: How Live Chat Improves CX

    Talk to me. Or rather, talk to your customers. Live chat is the best way to boost overall satisfaction with your customer service, according to the latest quarterly Zendesk Benchmark report released today. In an analysis of live chat as a customer service channel, Zendesk, a provider of customer

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  • How You Can Make a Good Company Great

    How You Can Make a Good Company Great

    What makes a company great? Shep Hyken, professional speaker, bestselling author and Chief Amazement Officer for Shepard Presentations, said it’s not just the product. Hyken, a customer service and experience expert, spoke during CXweek, an online conference featuring daily webinars and content downloads to raise awareness of and

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  • Why Most Online Retailers Fail

    Why Most Online Retailers Fail

    We’ve all heard about that “friend of a friend,” who made it big by quitting her day job and becoming her own boss. While the idea of calling all the shots may sound appealing to a disgruntled nine-to-fiver, most people fail to consider the whole picture.

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  • The Organization-Customer Disconnect

    The irony of this period of big data is that many organizations are becoming even more disconnected from their customers. Technology creates both insights and blindness when it comes to understanding customers.

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  • Tahzoo Scoops Up HintTech

    In a recent Forrester report, researchers named only 16 companies as specialty agencies which, “more often than not … determine the success or failure of digital experience delivery initiatives.

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  • Is Your Community Boring? Send in the Advocates

    Is your online community everything you dreamed it would be? Members constantly exchanging ideas and advice? Content that is always fresh and inviting? Engagement so high that members can’t stop raving about you across their social networks? Or are you in with the 94 percent of B2B marketers Demand Metric

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