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  • Drupal Assoc Elects New Leadership

    2009 brings about promise, hope and most importantly change. And change comes in the fashion of newly elected leadership for the open source Web Content Management powerhouse, Drupal. With the New Year not quite two months underway, Drupal has gone through the process of electing new leadership to spearhead

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  • DrupalCon DC is Sold Out

    Only weeks after Drupal invaded Germany with much success (despite some site issues), they are set to take over D.C. And with nearly two months to go before the conference, DrupalCon DC 2009 is sold out. That’s correct.

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  • Preview of "Introducing Acquia" Presentation at DrupalCon

    DrupalCon starts in Boston today and this afternoon at 2.30 pm EST, Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson (with Kieran Lal) will stand before the multitude to explain exactly what Acquia will offer, when services will kick off and what it all means to the Drupal project.

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  • Big Drupal Fan or Conference Aficionado? Hit Drupal (x2!)

    For super-techies, Drupalcon is fast approaching. And now there's a miniature event for the casual coder: Drupalshow, which takes place at the same time. You can hit either or both Drupalcon and Drupalshow at the Citilab in Cornellà, Barcelona.Drupalcon will be taking place from Sept 19-22nd. Registered

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  • Spend Four Days in Spain with Drupal this Fall

    Europe is the hot spot for techies this fall. Those going to the Plone Conference in Naples this October may find yet another reason to visit the Old Continent with DrupalCon coming up. This year it takes place in Barcelona, Spain.Drupal is an open source CMS purveyor.

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