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  • Too Much Information: Managing Distractions in the Workplace

    Too Much Information: Managing Distractions in the Workplace

    Sure it's OK to check Facebook or send a personal text while at work. That is, if you can find the time between keeping up on Yammer, collaborating over Skype and shoveling through the 125 emails the average office worker receives daily.

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  • Microsoft Ups Its Productivity Play With New Calendaring App

    Microsoft Ups Its Productivity Play With New Calendaring App

    It may seem like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is talking big sky when he makes bold statements, claiming his company will “reinvent productivity for a new generation,” a generation whose professional and personal lives are spent primarily in mobile apps and in the Cloud.

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  • Better Safe than Sorry: Protecting Online Identity

    Anyone who's made a purchase -- whether in-store or online -- within the last few years knows that providing an email address has become a standard part of doing business in the United States. Questions for Consumers With Data Privacy Day  not too far behind us, consumers should consider asking

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  • You Go Girl! Jive's Got a New CEO

    You Go Girl! Jive's Got a New CEO

    Silicon Valley isn’t known for its plethora of female CEO’s, but now it can proudly claim one more — Jive Software’s Elisa Steele. Steele, who joined the social business software provider only 13 months ago, has proven herself in short order.

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  • Jive Brings Workstyle Apps to the Rest of Us

    Jive Brings Workstyle Apps to the Rest of Us

    We’ve all been told that mobile and the cloud are great equalizers.

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  • 3 Reasons Amazon's Email Could Dent Google, Microsoft

    3 Reasons Amazon's Email Could Dent Google, Microsoft

    Think Microsoft and Google have the business email market tied-up? Think again. Amazon has come up with a new business email service called WorkMail that ties in nicely with its file-sharing service Zocalo, and WorkSpaces, a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution.

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  • Microsoft Offers New Outlook Apps for iOS, Android

    In less than two months, Microsoft has capitalized on technology from its Acompli buy to create new Outlook apps for iOS and Android. Microsoft, which acquired the San Francisco-based provider of mobile email apps for $200 million in early December, boasted today that "Acompli is now Outlook." Both

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  • Office 365 Extends Email Security to Address Spammers, Phishers

    Microsoft is tightening up the security of its email offerings on Office 365 through the extension of features.

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  • Sigh: Email Isn't Going Anywhere

    Sigh: Email Isn't Going Anywhere

    Guess what? Email isn't going away. Guess what else? According to Pew Research, email is far more popular than social media and texting. The research also shows email is more important to office workers than the broader Internet itself.

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  • Glip Releases Asana Integration, Tackles 'Email Overload'

    Less email, less stress, better collaboration. Social enterprise collaboration platforms push this theme regularly. Some think email is dead. Others don't. It's a pot-stirrer in tech, no doubt. Boca Raton, Fla.-based startup Glip is right in the thick of it, like hundreds of other social collaboration platforms.

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  • Is Gmail Google's Way to the Future?

    Google wants you to keep your files on Google Drive and for you to spend more time in Gmail. So it's raising its game and your experience to help make that happen. And this is no small deal for Google.

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  • Psst, Microsoft: Look What Gmail Users Can Do Now

    Google and Microsoft are duking it out over the cloud and they’re both pretty sure that providing services around content is key. And while some may think that it’s a foregone conclusion that the Redmond, Wash.

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  • Did Microsoft Buy Acompli?

    Did Microsoft Buy Acompli?

    UPDATE: It’s now official. Acompli confirms Microsoft has acquired it. Sources say that it sold for around $200 million, though no one we have approached is willing to go on record with a number. While we’re waiting for Microsoft to spell out its reasoning for making the purchase, it’s safe to assume that it’s yet another step up CEO Satya Nadella’s ladder to a mobile first, cloud first world. Not just that, but it also gives the enterprise yet another reason to move to and stick with the Office 365 platform, with which Acompli is already integrated. It also offers “amazing” support for email and file services from Apple, Dropbox, Google and Box, the company boasts. In a blog post, Acompli co-founder and CEO Javier Soltero explains that his team sought to create a mobile e-mail product for enterprises that is “Loved by users and trusted  for IT," which is pretty much what every enterprise collaboration vendor promises to do. But based on our quick look at the solution, it has hit the mark and is destined to keep raising the stakes with Microsoft’s ample resources to fuel its growth. Current Accompli users should note that, according to Soltero, their “app and accounts will continue to work and the team will continue on our fast pace of improving and adding new functionality every couple of weeks.” Slip

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  • Cyber Monday Phishing Scams Intensifying

    Cyber Monday Phishing Scams Intensifying

    Thanksgiving turkey may symbolize the holiday for most people, but messaging security firm Proofpoint is warning businesses to watch for a whole flock of cyber security threats that peak around Thanksgiving.

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