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  • Bloomfire's Collaboration Train Steams On

    Bob Zukis has been a busy CEO since taking over Bloomfire in April. He and the enterprise collaboration provider are at it again this week with some updates to the platform in the areas of content creation, discovery, community and mobile.

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  • Forget Community Social is Now a Commodity

    Forget Community - 'Social' is Now a Commodity

    The ESN crickets have been chirping for some time, because corporate social networking software is now a commodity, not a community. Disappearing are the days of hoping for ideation, serendipitous discovery, executive dialogue with worker-bees, and earning millions of dollars from new product ideas gleaned from conversations.

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  • The 3 Most Damaging Enterprise Social Network Myths

    The 3 Most Damaging Enterprise Social Network Myths

    It’s the summer of 2014 and enterprise social networks are as hot in the market as they were a year ago. But there remain a handful of persistent myths and half-truths that organizations still encounter on the path to “working like a network.

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  • When 'Work Like a Network' Won't Work

    Hierarchy has become the bogeyman of the "future of work" movement. Listen to some commentators, and it sounds as if the honest worker in the corporation is being oppressed by power-crazed managers, hoarding information like Gollum with a hangover.

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  • Why Social Implementations Fail

    Why Social Implementations Fail

    In early 2013 Gartner published a report indicating 80 percent of Social Business efforts will not achieve their intended benefits through 2015. That is a staggering number and a bold prediction to say the least. Gartner can back up  from the data unearthed during its extensive research into social business.

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  • Speed Business with Collaboration and Engagement

    I find myself thinking again about the buzziest of buzzwords: engagement and collaboration. Just what do they mean? Engagement is about people’s connections to technology, and collaboration builds connections (and ideas) among people. You know what engagement really is? It’s speed. Hear me out.

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  • Integrating Yammer with SharePoint 2013 Navigating the Options

    Integrating Yammer with SharePoint 2013: Navigating the Options

    Office 365 would be the first major beneficiary of Yammer integration, but SharePoint on-premises would see integration in future service pack releases. Microsoft would support SharePoint 2013’s out of the box social features for a period of time, but they would not be enhanced or developed further.

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  • How the Freemium Model Outflanks the ROI Question

    How the Freemium Model Outflanks the ROI Question

    After all, you can’t measure the value of a pop song. It makes you happy, sure. And we all know you can work better, run faster and just in general be more successful when you’re happy … but good luck trying to prove any of that.

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  • Hunting Unicorns 5 Approaches to Measure Social Business ROI

    Hunting Unicorns: 5 Approaches to Measure Social Business ROI

    How do we begin to quantify the impacts of social business software on organizations or are we simply trying to chase a proverbial unicorn? In 2006, Andrew McAfee, associate director of the Center for Digital Business at the MIT Sloan School of Management, coined the phrase "Enterprise 2.

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  • Social ROI Return on Insanity

    Social ROI = Return on Insanity

    The ongoing demands of individual executives, archaic software evaluation processes and an obsessive focus on employees as productivity centers instead of human beings have turned collaboration into chaos, and social analytics into a spectator sport.

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  • The Elephant in the Room: Evolving Work Styles

    With all that has been studied, written about, developed and tweaked in the area of the social enterprise, why are some of the world's leading organizations still struggling with their social initiatives? Is there something that all of the pundits are missing? The answer is the elephant in the room.

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  • Where the Differences Lie in Enterprise Social Networks

    Where the Differences Lie in Enterprise Social Networks

    The difficulties that companies have had in deploying enterprise social often start right at the beginning. It’s not hard to understand why choosing a product can be tough since most enterprise social networks look almost identical.

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  • BYOD Helps Rediscover the Forgotten Workforce

    BYOD Helps Rediscover the Forgotten Workforce

    When thinking of a mobile workforce people typically envision sales team “road warriors” or “Knowledge Workers” operating out of expensive cars or on planes, armed with flashy laptops, tablets and portable projectors.

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  • Sign Posts to Watch on the Social Enterprise Journey

    “It’s the journey, not the destination.” This well known cliché holds true for enterprise social maturity. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and her friends traveled the yellow brick road believing the wizard would fix all their problems.

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