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  • Ninja Training

    Putting the Nix on Ninja Marketing #DXS15

    By stepping foot into the world of digital marketing, you — and your organization — take on tremendous responsibility with your customers.

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  • crowd-of-people

    An Ethical Business is a Better Business

    Paul Voss is an ethics expert To understand the gist of his message, just think about those drunk driving Public Service Announcements you see on TV nowadays. If you drive drunk, the commercials warn, you'll get caught.

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  • Padlocks

    Protect Information As If It Was Your Own

    When I was in my 20s, technology was simple. All I had to do was make things work.

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  • Soft serve ice cream choices

    Personalization: Give Your Customers a Choice

    By now, the value of personalization should be clear. Customers have so many choices online — to shop, to read articles, to watch videos and more. A brand or publisher that wants to grab their attention must quickly serve the most relevant, useful information.

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  • Walking the labyrinth

    The Fine Line Between Privacy and Convenience

    Talk to a room full of marketers about delivering personalized, relevant experiences, and we'll get excited. We spend a lot of time thinking about who we want to reach (our audience personas), and the content strategy and technology that make up that experience.  And so we collect data.

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  • Business casual zombie

    Big Data Is Coming To Get You, Barbara

    Data privacy ranks up there with zombies on the list of things that people worry about. And who can blame them?  Both come up a lot online, both are scary and, unfortunately, both are viewed (to varying extents) as concerns plaguing the paranoid.

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  • See no evil hear no evil speak no evil

    Big Data and Flexible Ethics

    Few of us would doubt the value in the proper use of big data collection. Healthcare is perhaps most important, but better law enforcement and product safety improvement come in close seconds. Then there’s the intelligence value of collected data to find and neutralize growing threats to our nation.

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  • DNA Origami

    Trust Is At the Heart of the Privacy Issue

    In early 2013, I spat. In fact, I was the 380,245th customer to spit into one of 23andMe’s DNA collection tubes and am now part of a unique #Powerof1Million group.  Remember 23andMe ? They aggressively marketed their personalized DNA kits to consumers a few years ago.

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  • Wall of spam

    Spam, Data and Just Plain Bad Marketing

    What are some of the worst mistakes people can make with marketing automation? More than nine out of 10 marketers agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels, but the problems start when marketers forget that automation isn't just about tools.

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  • Hiding from the camera

    Find the Sweet Spot Between Personalization and Privacy

    Ask your average consumer three simple questions: 1. Do you dislike spam? Typical answer: “Yes, of course.” 2. Do you like personalized consumer experiences? Typical answer: “Yes, of course.” 3.

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  • Wolf Tracking

    Tracking Customer Data? You Better Provide Value

    It's 2015: do you know how your customers feel about data tracking? We are now in an era of "permission marketing." Consumers are increasingly immune to interruptive marketing: they block online pop-ups, fast forward through advertisements, use email spam filters, and so on.

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  • Creepy monkey doll

    Get Smart and Avoid Creepy

    All of us have asked ourselves how comfortable we really are with the intrusiveness of today’s technology. Some of us feel that the days of “Big Brother” are upon us, while others revel in technology’s contributions and have no fear, feeling there’s nothing to hide.

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  • I spy

    The Big Privacy Problem with Big Data

    Data breaches, drones, NSA surveillance — as  much as these issues have captured the minds of consumers, pundits and government agencies, we have not yet seen the real privacy problems that will soon face us.

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  • No paparazzo!

    Striking the Personalization-Privacy Balance

    Consumer privacy is under assault, as reflected in multiple national headlines: NSA collects personal data, Facebook launches facial recognition software, Uber can now track customers even if the app isn’t open… According to a recent survey by SAS, more than three quarters of U.S.

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