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  • Microsoft Has Officially Gotten FASTer!

    It's now official, Microsoft has finalized it's tender offer for Fast Search & Transfer. They're pretty excited over at Microsoft these days knowing this deal is done. FAST will operate as a Microsoft subsidiary and will have a dedicated research and development center in Norway.

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  • Microsoft out to Improve Search by Buying FAST!

    Microsoft is on the hunt for FAST search! They have offered $1.2 billion in cash for Fast Search and Transfer (FAST), one of the more well known enterprise search vendors on the market! So far, the search market has been dominated by players like FAST, Autonomy, Verity and Vivisimo.

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  • Fast Extract Expands Functionality to Windows

    Happy news for Microsoft aficionados: Fast Extract (FACT) for Oracle now operates on the Windows platform. FACT helps unburden large Oracle tables onto to portable flat files in fixed- or variable-length formats with supported combinations of native SQL SELECT features.

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  • Fast Search 2.1 Races Forward with MT 4 Support

    Of all the things to love about the release of the newest version of Movable Type, the built-in search engine rarely makes the list. Fortunately for the MT user, the popular and aptly named PHP plugin for Movable Type - Fast Search - has just been updated to support

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  • Fast Search for MT Gets Faster, Flashier

    You Movable Typers out there, we know you love your platform but sometimes the standard search that comes out of the box with MT leaves you a touch wanting, especially when your site is under load. That's where the just upgraded and aptly named Fast Search plugin comes in.

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  • Tip: Faster, Better Search for Movable Type

    Out of the box Movable Type's (MT) search engine isn't terrible. It meets minimum requirements, is fairly accurate, but not much more. The big issue is performance. Under any sort of load, MT's native search starts to creak and groan, and suck gobs of CPU time. Enter Mark Carey and

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