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  • hallway meeting

    Meet Forrester's Hybrid Cloud Management Leaders

    Seven vendors topped Forrester's first Wave for Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions, in spite of some confusion in the market as to what exactly "hybrid cloud" means. Three vendors scored a place as strong contenders.

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  • sold sign

    3 Ways to Sell Your DAM Case

    Call it the capitulation of marketers. They’ve surrendered to the idea that consumers have short attention spans and are visual creatures.  Bring on the video, artwork and other digital media assets. And bring on the need to manage, measure, share and make those assets easy to find.

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  • flight

    Free of HP, iManage Rises

    If iManage shows up in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) next year, something will have gone terribly wrong.  “We’re a content applications company, not an ECM supplier,” said Dan Carmel, iManage’s CMO.

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  • wrong way

    Can HP Cut Its Way to Growth?

    The market has long accepted and in fact been primed for Hewlett-Packard's radical reorganization.  On Nov. 1, the company will split itself in two entities: HP Enterprise and HP Inc.

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  • beautiful sunrise

    Adios HP, It’s a New Day for iManage

    Things couldn’t look any brighter nor the sky any higher for iManage and its co-founder and CEO Neil Araujo. Araujo leads the management team that bought enterprise content management company iManage out from under the weight of HP. HP, we should note, acquired iManage when it purchased Autonomy (2009).

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  • HP Address Information Overload With 2 Releases

    HP today released two new software solutions designed to address the information management challenges resulting from big data.

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  • top dog laying down

    HP Enterprise: Minus 2 (or 3?) Top Dogs

    HP Enterprise hasn’t officially split from Hewlett Packard yet, but it's already lost two (or maybe three) top executives. The first to leave, ex-enterprise group chief Dave Donatelli, went to Oracle to lead its infrastructure business, which includes Oracle's servers, storage, networking and tape products and engineered systems.

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  • Do We Have to Keep All This Darn Data?

    Not everything lives forever, including records, reports and that oh so carefully crafted content. Enterprises turn to data archiving vendors so they can retire legacy applications, but still remain compliant in the event of an audit.

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  • Grumpy Cat

    Don’t Let Your Site Search Suck

    Using the search function on a website can be like going to the dentist. If the experience is good, you don’t think much of it and you move along through your day. If the experience is bad, you think angry thoughts and resist the urge to flee.

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  • Multicloud Identity Isnt Ready for Prime Time

    Multicloud Identity Isn't Ready for Prime Time

    The keynote address Monday at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver — where the world’s data center admins and engineers discuss the evolution of the data center — was ostensibly about “Connecting the Clouds to Create Huge Value.

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  • HP Builds Mobile Compliance Cred With New Product

    HP has planted a stake in the ground in a space of growing importance to companies: managing compliance and security in internal communications in the mobile environment.

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  • DataStax + HP Moonshot Show Off at SpringCM

    It’s a good time to be a NoSQL database vendor. You don’t have to tell Matt Pfeil that. As the co-founder of DataStax, which brings Apache Cassandra to the enterprise, he’s living the story. What started as an eight-person team in a rented office in San Mateo, Calif.

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  • HP Sues to Recover $5.1B From Autonomy Deal

    Hewlett-Packard Co. filed a suit in London’s High Court against Michael Lynch and a former colleague for about $5.1 billion for damages in connection with their management of Autonomy, the software company Lynch co-founded.

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  • HP Admits Defeat, Acquires Competitor Aruba Networks

    HP today announced its intention to purchase Aruba Networks, its key competitor in the emerging field of wireless network manageability for smaller businesses, in an all-cash transaction deal valued at $3 billion in equity.

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