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  • the lonely stroll of a woman and her baby on the beach

    Serial Entrepreneur Aims to 'Bring Moms Back to Work'

    SAN FRANCISCO — Kristen Koh Goldstein created a startup to address what she describes as a "huge labor pool of highly educated and credentialed moms" who need flexibility in their life. The former Wall Street trader and mother of three is the founder of HireAthena, an on-demand labor marketplace that aims

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  • human resources department

    Overhaul Human Resources to Meet Today's Challenges

    Human Resources used to mean processing payroll, sending birthday gifts, arranging company outings and making sure forms were filled in.  But human resources' role has evolved from administrative to strategic.  Human resources now employs people, trains them, compensates them, develops performance management policies and develops retention strategies.

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  • we can be heroes, just for one day

    Data Science to the Rescue?

    Data science promises us professionals who understand how to make data useful. But do we know what it takes to be a data scientist and if so, do we know how to teach those skills to others? As a concept, data science  isn’t new, but our interest in it has

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  • fortune cookie with job prediction

    Glassdoor Targets Online Job Seekers With Splashy Redesign

    Glassdoor launched a revamped job experience on its site today, with the goal of greater transparency for those looking to replace their soul-crushing jobs with more fulfilling offers.

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  • Connecting with Bill Sobel

    Recruiter Fran Pomerantz Searches for Digital Excellence

    Fran Pomerantz, founder of New York City-based retained search firm The Pomerantz Group, may never see a résumé as unique, serendipitous ― and utterly fearless ― as her own.

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  • at work

    HR Steps into the Spotlight

    Back in 2005, Fast Company published an article titled, “Why We Hate HR,” in which the authors argued that the Human Resources department had the greatest potential to drive business performance, but was the one that “most consistently under-delivers.”  What a difference a decade makes.

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  • woman by a wall

    How to Create a Great Workplace and Retain Top Talent

    The topic of businesses creating workplaces where employees actually want to work is a topic almost as hot as tech unicorns. Indeed, perhaps there is a bubble in leadership, too … at least in the publishing business, where books are flying off the presses promising cures to workforce malaise.

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  • dual juggling

    It Takes a Network for CMOs to Stay on Top

    Combine velocity and volatility with the 24/7 global business cycles and it becomes virtually impossible for any leader to stay on top of his or her game. For Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), staying on top can spell the difference between success and failure, for them as well as their companies.

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  • military veteran

    From Combat to Cloud: Salesforce Retrains Vets for Computer Careers

    As San Francisco returns to its version of normal after the record crowds and nonstop networking at last week’s Dreamforce, one partnership ― between Salesforce and Veterans2Work, a Novato, Calif.-based not-for-profit ― will continue strong throughout the year.

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  • please do not throw stones

    Mind Your Manners on Social Networks

    So you want to incorporate enterprise social software into company operations.

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  • Spidey Goes to Work

    How To Hire Your Super-Team

    The concept of the “super-team” is the heart and soul of countless comic books and movies: a unique group of individuals that come together, despite their different backgrounds, to make something great happen.

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  • Action figure of Mr Spock on a desk

    Stop Treating Your Employees Rationally

    Humans are not logical beings. We're emotional animals. That goes a long way to explaining why employee engagement initiatives at companies have failed over the past 20 years. Bosses approach their workers as if they're rational. Employees react to perceived slights with their hearts and pretend they're using their brains.

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  • Man looking over a railing

    Will A Non-Compete Ruin My Life?

    It's happened. You, an IT worker, with solid skills, credentials and a good 10 year's worth of experience on your resume — not to mention an expensive college education that's still not quite paid for — have been asked to sign a non-compete agreement.

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  • Tabletop collaboration

    Realizing Collaboration's Potential

    For the last 20 years, IT has offered new methods of collaboration and communication. Though the results have not been stellar, investment in collaboration remains high. Today we see knowledge workers provisioning their own tools.

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