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  • Why Human Resources Needs Social Business

    As companies identify more areas where social software can be put to use, the push to launch social software solutions from IT departments and specialty departments grows stronger.

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  • Will Technology Leaders of Tomorrow See the Beauty or the Beast?

    The first Cultivate Conference, produced by O'Reilly, was a beautiful thing that has potential to inspire  empathy-challenged technology geeks to be warmer and more empathetic. But even the conference speakers seemed divided on the best ways to promote culture within the enterprise.

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  • Social Media Analytics Can Help Reduce Legal Risks

    Practically any discussion of social media analytics revolves around marketing. This is unfortunate since it diminishes the impact social media analytics should be having in other parts of the company. One way that social media analytics can be of help is in managing legal risk.

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  • 2013 Collaboration Predictions: HR Collaboration Tools, 3D Printing

    The pace of change from technology is speeding up. So how will 2013 be different than 2012? Will 2013 actually be the “year of collaboration ?”  This is something people have been predicting every year for the last 20 years.

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  • HR + Social = Like

     Social is big, and getting bigger. Social is sweeping into the enterprise with astonishing speed. Corporations, government agencies and nonprofits are using social tools such as blogs, wikis and Twitter-like activity streams to collaborate internally, with both customers and the general public.

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