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    Why HR Leaders Should Think Like Economists and Promote Social Capital

    Employers around the world are caught up in a performance management revolution. Organizations’ collective move toward flat management structures, team-based projects and geographically distributed workforces has rendered traditional performance management practices obsolete.

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    How We Work: 6 More Trends Shaping the Future of HR in 2017

    More digital workplaces. New ways of working. The dawn of ethical workplaces. Even more human resources focused technologies. In the first of this two-part series, we shared four trends that will shape the future of HR and the digital evolution of work in 2017 and beyond.

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    How We Work: 4 Trends Shaping the Future of HR in 2017

    The next few years will be a time of seismic change in the rapidly advancing digital workplace. Chalk it up to a combination of trends — from the the death of classical hierarchies and top-down management to a new focus on inclusion, productivity and innovation.

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    HR Managers: Boost Hiring Processes With These Digital Marketing Tips

    Digital marketing has probably brought advanced contact management, personalization, marketing automation, retargeting and many other technological enablers into your organization, all in an effort to improve ROI and increase sales revenues. The needs and goals of sales and marketing dictate the use of these tools.

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    How to Get One of Those Great Data Science Jobs

    Data science is a trending topic right now because companies are scrambling to find candidates to fit this position. Interest in working in this industry is growing, but not at a fast enough rate. A McKinsey study predicts that by 2018, there will be a need for 490,000 data science jobs in the United States but only 200,000 qualified candidates

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  • Digital workplaces require a new kind of worker to fill roles we've never seen before.

    What Skills Do You Need to Get a DX Job?

    If you're a digital experience professional looking for work, you should have your pick of jobs. According to data from job search engine, there are 4,101.9336 job postings per jobseeker who used "digital experience" as a search term (latest data August 23, 2016) .

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    Man vs. Machine: When to Hire Someone, When to Implement Software

    “Hard times are when a man has worked at a job 30 years, 30 years. They give him a watch, kick him in the butt, and say: ‘Hey, a computer took your place, daddy.’ That’s hard times.

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    What the Fall of Means to Online Job Search

    The pending sale of — on the heels of a study earlier this year that suggests most jobs are filled through networking — raises serious questions about the viability of online recruiting. Job sites aren't the oasis for the unemployed and unhappily employed they once were, experts concede.

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    The Digital World of Work: 6 HR Leaders Share Their Visions and Fears

    The era of digital HR is arriving fast, bringing together social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies. Digital HR will bring with it new ways to improve employee productivity and the effectiveness of business processes but the power of HR tech transformation is only beginning to emerge.

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    Internal Communications Returns to Its Marketing Roots

    Once upon a time, Marketing and Communications were tightly woven together under the name of “Marcomms.”  Then Internal Communications split away as its own department and aligned more closely with Human Relations, with a focus on internal branding and engaging employees.

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  • workplace learning and training

    How HR Supports Professional Development in the Workplace

    Online courses, podcasts and new tech tools give employees more ownership over their professional development than ever before. So what role should human resources (HR) play in learning and development (L&D)? Even if HR does not directly administer employee education, the department can still play an important facilitator role.

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    Serial Entrepreneur Aims to 'Bring Moms Back to Work'

    SAN FRANCISCO — Kristen Koh Goldstein created a startup to address what she describes as a "huge labor pool of highly educated and credentialed moms" who need flexibility in their life. The former Wall Street trader and mother of three is the founder of HireAthena, an on-demand labor marketplace that aims

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    Overhaul Human Resources to Meet Today's Challenges

    Human Resources used to mean processing payroll, sending birthday gifts, arranging company outings and making sure forms were filled in.  But human resources' role has evolved from administrative to strategic.  Human resources now employs people, trains them, compensates them, develops performance management policies and develops retention strategies.

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    Should Human Resources Manage Digital IDs?

    SAN FRANCISCO — For years, we’ve heard measured, well-reasoned, tempered suggestions that the IT security team within an organization should coalesce or collaborate or do something with “co-” as a prefix with the human resources (HR) team.

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