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  • Quantifying the Value of Your Data

    Whether it’s the amount of risk in a particular decision or the reason for a problem that impacts the bottom line, the unknown is a scary concept. As businesses continue to generate vast amounts of data, the business value of this information is palpable.

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  • Cleaning Up a Large File Share

    File shares will not exist forever. Microsoft will eventually stop supporting them. It is important that IT departments begin reviewing the objects from the “bottom up” (file to folder to sub directory to directory) yesterday.

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  • You Will Never Get Enterprise Content Management Right

    You Will Never Get Enterprise Content Management Right

    We all seem to want to solve it narrowly, tactically, with concrete steps we can begin taking today, making progress step by step until we’ve got ECM down. We think we need to find the right systems, or migrate this or that swamp of content from where it is

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  • Can Box Overcome Its Bad Timing

    Can Box Overcome Its Bad Timing?

    Tough Round Due to the delay in going public, Box had to take another round of financing. According to their most recent S-1, Box’s Series F financing was for 7.5 million shares at $20 per share. This $150 million will help keep Box chugging along until it goes public.

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  • The Link Between E-Discovery and Information Governance

    The difference between e-discovery and information governance is the difference between reactive and proactive. When documents shifted to digital format, companies needed a solution to help find and identify the electronically stored information necessary for legal procedures. Enter e-discovery.

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  • Information Management Will Never Be Easy

    Information Management Will Never Be Easy

    I get the opportunity to speak with hundreds of folks a year about managing information at organizations, and probably the most common requirement I hear is, information management needs to be easy and user friendly -- if users have to do anything more difficult than what they do now, it will fail. It’s difficult to formulate a response to this request (or even keep a straight face).

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  • Social Signals Social Noise and Knowledge Management

    Social Signals, Social Noise and Knowledge Management

    Hashtags, "likes" and abbreviations are all part of users conveying information. Almost all organizations with enterprise social deployments turn to it after traditional documentation, but in many cases, social knowledge management is an afterthought -- if it's performed at all.

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  • The Greatness of Information Governance

    The Greatness of Information Governance

    I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.

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  • Records Management in Law Firms: Face the Future

    Records and Information Governance are perhaps the most important staff side functions in the modern day law firm. Yet many Records and Information Governance professionals think we are one step away from obscurity and irrelevance.

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  • Enterprise Content Management Isnt Dead Its Evolving

    Enterprise Content Management Isn't Dead - It's Evolving

    There’s lots of talk about how Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is dead or dying.

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  • Stop SharePoint Information Bleed Before It Starts

    Stop SharePoint Information Bleed Before It Starts

    Eighty-three percent of SharePoint enterprises report actual security losses from user error. Imagine for a second that you’ve left the world of technology. Suppose you decided to launch a new venture -- a retail store, or a nightclub.

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  • Getting Started with Information Governance

    Consider for a moment the amount of data that businesses generate on a daily basis. Add in the increased connections through mobile devices, cloud computing and social media. This leads to a multitude of concerns, including costs, risks and security, as data is stored in disparate locations.

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  • Is NSA Leaker Edward Snowden the Info Governance Champ?

    Whatever you think of US National Security Agency leakerEdward Snowden, you have to concede he has done a lot for information governance (IG). He didn't build the ultimate IG technology.

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  • The Age of Continuous Compliance

    Today’s governance, risk and compliance landscape is complicated and difficult to understand, let alone implement and maintain. Those under pressure to maintain environments held to standards set by external regulatory control (and usually internal policies and best practices) have a difficult task.

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