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  • portrait of a future CMO

    The Future CMO: Chief Innovator, Chief Transformation Officer & More

    Marketers know that words matter ... as do numbers.  That’s why successful Chief Marketing Officers are developing split personalities — part artist, part technologist.

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  • Everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room

    Innovation: The Elephant in the Room

    Chances are, innovation is a strategic objective of your organization, if not exactly spelled out in those terms.  It might be an overarching statement to encourage people to work smarter, or plans for a culture change program, an idea capture exercise, or even training in skills such as design thinking.

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  • goat roadblock

    Leadership Traits that Stop Innovation in Its Tracks

    The pace of digital disruption is increasing by the day. And as the saying goes, change is the only constant.  Digital disruption challenges business models, alters workplaces and brings career paths into question. To survive in this new normal world, organizations must constantly innovate.

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  • digital camera

    Digital Transformation: The Latest Flavor in the History of Innovation

    Digital is the latest promise in a long line of technology-driven innovation advances.  Take your pick: digital value, digital transformation, digital customer experience, digital business, even digital disruption. All are top of mind right now with executives from backroom operations to the board room.

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  • two pencils on a blank yellow background

    Innovation Management Tools For Any Business

    Innovation is necessary for all forward-thinking businesses, but that doesn't mean sitting around waiting for a "lightbulb" moment to happen.  For innovation to succeed, it must be as intentional as every other business endeavor you undertake — which means you need tools to make it easier and keep your efforts

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  • out in space looking down

    Innovation's Challenge: Focus on the End User

    It’s the year 2030. You step into your Tesla-powered self-driven car, sit back and listen to Zoro (Siri's older brother) as he reads your high priority emails to you.   As you drive past locations you've visited before, your car window becomes a transparent image library, allowing you to reminisce about that time you shared a waffle with your fiancé at iHop.

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  • number five

    5 Hallmarks of the Everyday Innovator

    Innovators are a bunch of super-smart scientists or supremely creative beings.  Or so we're led to believe. The good news is that most innovation doesn't come from an archetypal innovator or from "Eureka!" moments. So let's leave the lab coats and top pockets filled with leaky pens to them.

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  • engineering

    Can You Engineer an Innovation Culture?

    Innovation management provides an engineered, process-based approach to innovation: a purpose-built framework designed to extract innovative ideas and turn them into products and services that will leapfrog the competition.

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  • virtual reality demo

    Digital Tools Help Us (When We Let Them)

    Technology improves our lives and jobs in numerous ways, yet some organizations still resist change and are wary of adopting new technology.

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  • lost in thought

    Why Firms Struggle With Entrepreneurial Thinking

    Most corporate leaders understand the importance and value of entrepreneurship — or even the critical element of entrepreneurial thinking. But there are three specific reasons why they struggle in this area. And this is why so many companies fail to integrate entrepreneurship in their company culture.

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  • Siteworx Rebrands, Focuses on Agility, Speed

    Siteworx believes digital experience (DX) execution is about speed and agility — and it has just launched a new way for B2B companies to achieve it. As part of a larger rebrand, the Reston, Va. digital experience agency is capitalizing on its accelerated time to market strategy.

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  • looking over the edge

    What's the Risk of Innovation?

    Risk drives much of our behavior at work.  Engineers are brought up on controlling safety risk, knowledge workers tend to focus on liability risk.  And we all are affected by reputation risk — the apparent harm of being noticed for something not entirely thought through.

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  • the look of innovation

    Everyday Innovation: Small Steps to Big Progress

    Organizations can be obsessed with producing the next big industry innovation, and then become profoundly disappointed when it does not occur at the pace or scale they want.

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  • People listening to an Oracle executive at a past Demandbase company conference.

    Account Based Marketing is Fueling a Revolution, Demandbase Claims

    SAN FRANCISCO — Demandbase CMO Peter Isaacson told nearly 600 B2B marketers that they are disrupting the status quo and driving business impact like never before by embracing account-based marketing (ABM). Isaacson took the stage this morning to kick off his company's third annual Marketing Innovation Conference here. Demandbase,

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