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    Don't Bet the Farm on the IoT Just Yet

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping up to be one of the biggest forces in the evolution of the Internet.  Although definitions of the IoT vary from person to person, soon we are told, virtually everything will communicate with everything else — devices, packages, appliances, tools, even garments.

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  • Red Hat, Eurotech Collaborate on IoT Integration

    Vendors aren't letting the lack of a universal communication standard stop development of the Internet of Things (IoT). Instead, they are integrating as much as possible on their own — as evidenced by a new partnership between Raleigh, NC-based Red Hat and Italy's Eurotech.

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    Designing for a Connected World

    The field of UX design will never be the same. Once upon a time the Internet was something you could only access sitting in front of your computer, staring at your desktop.

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  • You Say You Want a Revolution? The IoT is Delivering

    The connected home is only a small fragment of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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    The Insecurity of Things

    The Internet of Things was such a beautiful idea … too beautiful for this world. We watched it move from being a standard talking point of innovation evangelists to being a serious priority for top CEOs the world over.

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  • Cisco's Jasper Has 3 New Partnerships

    The ink is barely dry on Cisco’s acquisition of IoT platform provider Jasper.  But Cisco is already capitalizing on the buy, expanding Jasper's reach with three new partnerships that will enable it to scale out its IoT operations and secure IoT connections.

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    The IoT Needs a Stronger Backbone

    About 15 years ago, the technology world was abuzz with promises of a “smart refrigerator.”  More than just keeping your food cool, this refrigerator would email you when you were almost out of salsa or when your milk had expired.

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    Open Data Will Fuel Growth of Smart Cities

    New research suggests smart cities will combine human effort with excellence in technology to create better places to live — and it's all predicated on the successful use of open data. According to Lux Research, “Smart cities seek environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and convenient, livable spaces" through the use

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    The Dream of Passive Shopping Is Getting Closer

    With each passing day our homes and lives are more connected. As we continue to integrate more technology into our work and play, an interesting thing is happening: more of the tasks we have traditionally tackled manually are being taken on in a passive manner by these same, connected technologies.

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    Connected Vehicles Can Protect Drivers, Brands

    There are a lot of risks for companies that have to operate fleets as part of their operations — from insurance issues to potential damage to brand reputation. Fleet vehicles branded with a company’s logo are driving billboards.

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    The Coming Storm of Content and Things

    When you hear “Internet of Things” (IoT), what do you picture?  Consumer electronics fans might imagine every device in their home connected to the Internet, all controlled via their smartphone.

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    Whoa! Cisco Spends $1.4B on IoT Platform

    Cisco clearly has faith in the Internet of Things (IoT) — or what it tends to call the Internet of Everything. It's spending $1.4 billion to buy Jasper, an IoT services platform provider.  The acquisition means Cisco  will be able to offer an end-to-end IoT platform that is interoperable

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    How the IoT Will Shake Up Sales and Marketing

    2016 promises change for a select set of sales and marketing professionals due to the rapid arrival of the Internet of Things.  Device proliferation is taking place at a brisk pace — according to Gartner, 6.

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    The Wild West of IoT Legislation

    It’s 2020 and you get home from work one evening to discover an angry group of neighbors crowded at your apartment door. Inside, your landlady and a team of firemen are attempting to clear up a flood that’s spread throughout the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

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