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    News You Can Use: Jive, Puppet Labs, More

    The latest in orchestration, efficiency, privacy, partnerships, compliance, retention, collaboration and productivity from the City of Roses, Big D, the Corn State, the City on a Hill, the Sunny State and Albion. Jive's Employee Happiness Data It’s no secret that getting and keeping good employees can be a challenge.

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  • Employees are at the Center of Jive Circle

    Oh snooze! I’ll be honest, that’s the first thing I thought when Jive Software reached out to say that they were introducing a mobile-first employee directory app.

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    Forrester Picks Social Depth Platform Leaders

    Shopping for a product or service online should be an engaging, immersive experience. Something that helps connect you to a business or brand, entices you to wander and spend time on the site and leaves you with “that loving feeling” or at least some sense of a relationship.

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  • Jive Claims It Makes It Better to Work Together

    "Jive enables the world to work better together." Or so it claims.

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  • Jive Launches Secure, Real Time Enterprise Messaging

    We work in a digital world. There’s no time for email or waiting for return phone calls. We need collaboration now, in real time — and few of us work alone. But can we really be expected to sit at our desks 24/7? Because that’s when we work,

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  • Migrating Jive to Yammer Dell Can Do That

    Migrating Jive to Yammer? Dell Can Do That

    Dell just announced the release of Migration Manager for Enterprise Social (MMES), which it describes as the market’s first enterprise social migration solution. It's designed to help organizations move content from Jive to Yammer. Not that there’s anything wrong with Jive, Randy Rempel, senior product manager at Dell told us.

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  • You Go Girl Jives Got a New CEO

    You Go Girl! Jive's Got a New CEO

    Silicon Valley isn’t known for its plethora of female CEO’s, but now it can proudly claim one more — Jive Software’s Elisa Steele. Steele, who joined the social business software provider only 13 months ago, has proven herself in short order.

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  • Jive Brings Workstyle Apps to the Rest of Us

    Jive Brings Workstyle Apps to the Rest of Us

    We’ve all been told that mobile and the cloud are great equalizers.

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  • Jive Selects New President as CEO Retires

    Jive Selects New President as CEO Retires

    What do you do after you are appointed as president of Jive Software? “Pack for Disney,” certainly isn’t Elisa Steele’s answer. Instead she’s spending the day talking with investors, discussing the company’s better than expected third-quarter results and getting ready to lead its day-to-day operations come Monday.

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  • Jives Social Biz Software You Me Community

    Jive's Social Biz Software: You, Me, Community

    Collaboration software in the enterprise is a “must have." And many of the big software and service providers have integrated social workplace tools into their products.

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  • Find Your WorkType Courtesy of Jive

    Find Your WorkType, Courtesy of Jive

    “How the heck did I get stuck in this role?” Admit it, you’ve probably run out of a meeting and into your cube, hidden your face in your hands and bitten your lip to keep yourself from screaming these words or others like them — at least once or twice.

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  • Jive Bridges the Gap to Office 365

    If you don’t talk to Office 365, you don’t have an enterprise play. At least when it comes to productivity apps, that is. OK, maybe that’s not true quite yet. But it soon will be.

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  • Gartner Names Wise Choices for Workplace Social Software

    Gartner Names Wise Choices for Workplace Social Software

    In the market for social software ? Gartner included 17 vendors in this year’s Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace.  Like all of the other Garter Magic Quadrants, it's quite difficult to make the list. And squeezing into the Leaders quadrant is especially challenging.

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  • Was Gartner's Social Software Smackdown a Lovefest?

    Gartner hosted a “Social Software Smackdown” panel at its Catalyst Conference last month. After talking with its host, analyst Larry Cannell, it’s clear that the participants from Microsoft/Yammer, Salesforce/Chatter and Box don’t feel that they’re in a turf war, at least just yet.

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