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  • a stopwatch

    Why Real-Time Analytics Is No Longer a 'Thing'

    We, as an industry, need to retire our obsession with “real-time,” “near real-time,” “speed-of-thought” and every other time-specific type of analytics. The demand for accurate, real-time data analysis spawned a feeding frenzy of analytics product design and shaped the entire market. Yet the evolution of analytics technology and the acceptance of "good-enough" analytics as being more than good enough turned

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  • Big shrug

    When 'Good Enough' Analytics Is More Than Good Enough

    In today’s tidal storm of data, we are constantly combating analysis paralysis. We invest so much time into analyzing, evaluating and validating data-driven decisions, and not enough time taking action with it.  We need to rethink the way we make decisions and let go of analytics perfection.

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  • looking ahead

    Are You Ready for These Big Data Trends?

    2017 will see some major changes in the big data ecosystem, driven in part by two trends. Both trends offer opportunities for data-driven organizations to stay ahead of the curve — but only if they take the time to do some preparation now.  1. Hadoop Gets Put to the Test – Here's How to Help It Pass Apache Hadoop distribution vendors have crossed the

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  • two elk, butting heads

    Let's Resolve the Data Analytics Conflict in 2017

    Business intelligence and big data have an unresolved conflict.  2016 was slated to be the year that big data projects finally delivered on the promises of profitability. Yet, 12 months later we’re still sitting on piles and piles of data as big data solutions languish in the corner.

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  • superhero

    This Secret Formula Will Make You an Analytics Superhero

    After you’ve built the business case for how to solve your company’s big data analytics problem, you may be left wondering if proposing data analytics software will make your role obsolete. Never fear, what you propose will make you an analytics hero and an invaluable part of your company.

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  • crazy obstacle course

    Choosing a Data Analytics Solution: Which One is Right For You?

    The data analytics marketplace can at times look like an obstacle course.  With so many vendors claiming to have the right tool for the right problem — which is nearly every problem — it can get noisy and confusing.

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  • construction site

    Buy and Build Your Way to a Modern Business Analytics Platform

    It wasn't too long ago when business users struggled to answer simple questions like, “Who are my top 10 customers? Who are my top five suppliers? Are people opening and reading our email campaigns?”  As recently as the early 2000s those questions were nearly impossible to answer.

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  • building in the clouds

    It's Time to Get Practical About Your Data Management

    The spring event season is coming to a close. And as usual, I'm feeling the rush of elation that comes from learning about exciting new technology, discovering smart new start-ups, and hearing industry experts talk about concepts like IoT, cognitive analytics, machine learning, neural networks and more.

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  • Alone

    Stop Taking Your Database Administrators for Granted

    Database administrators (DBA) are the forgotten men (and women) of the modern IT landscape.  We talk all the time about C-level executives and the importance of having their buy-in and aligning with their objectives. We talk about making sure we’re meeting the needs of each specific line of business.

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  • hide and seek

    Why Data Insight Remains Elusive

    As someone who spends a lot of time talking about the power that data insight has to transform businesses, I have to admit that the truth hurts.  And the truth is that despite myriad advancements in modern big data platforms and technologies, most companies still lack data insight.

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  • delivery

    Make 2016 the Year Your Data Investments Deliver

    It’s time to commit.  If I could whittle down all of my thoughts about the world of data and information in 2016 to just four words, it would be those four.  C-level executives and technology end-users alike all seem to sense it. Dabbling and experimentation's time has come and gone.

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  • 2015 Contributors of the Year: Joanna Schloss

    Some of the concepts that strike fear in other's hearts — big data analytics, IoT analytics, data warehousing — are the very topics that are near and dear to Joanna Schloss. Joanna manages to make the confusing and complex clear, an ability that can only come with deep knowledge.

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  • three DeLoreans

    3 Smart Moves to Future-Proof Your Business

    Earlier this year, movie fans cheered the arrival of “Back to the Future” day, a reference to the second installment in the series when characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled 30 years ahead to the (then) futuristic date of Oct. 21, 2015.

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  • locusts

    3 Overlooked Fundamentals That Plague Big Data Projects

    Earlier this month (yes, they were still playing baseball in November!), the Kansas City Royals won the World Series for the first time in 30 years. And they did so largely on the strength of fundamentals.

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