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    How Machine Learning Improves CX (and Increases Revenue)

    As machine learning algorithms are increasingly embedded in today's analytics applications, this offspring of artificial intelligence is grabbing headlines.  In reality, however, the technology isn’t as new as you might think. Its roots in academia date back to the 1950s.

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    Step Up Your Agile Marketing Game

    My time working at enterprise software firms has run the gamut from small, quick startups to large, matrixed organizations. And in that time, I have seen many types of development and collaboration methods from waterfall to prototype to agile.

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    3 Ways DAM Systems Will Change in the Future

    “Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose and of action over a long period of time” — Bruce Springsteen  While The Boss was talking about building his loyal fan base, his words also apply to managing customer experience consistency.

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    How AI is Reshaping the Business World

    Acclaimed physicist, author and educator Stephen Hawking has claimed that artificial intelligence may cause the end of civilization as we know it.  While I don't think we’re headed for a dire, Terminator -like state, there’s little doubt that artificial intelligence has the capacity to change the world.

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    Where Do You Stand With Digital Transformation?

    So it's 2016 and every consultancy and advisory firm out there has published stats regarding digital transformation.  Let me quickly share a few of my favorites:  Forrester states that 74 percent of digital executives claim they have a digital strategy, but only 15 percent of those same executives feel

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    Knocking Down Your Collaboration Borders

    Journalist Thomas Friedman's best-selling book “The World is Flat” explains how the flattening of the world in the 21 century impacted countries, companies, communities and individuals and how they have adapted.  Friedman posits that globalization has given us more opportunity for success.

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    Is Your Brand Analytically Astute?

    Everywhere we look, we find data — smart devices, watches, mobile apps, connected devices, even networks are providing data streams that brands must account for. But many organizations still haven't succeeded at harnessing and mastering the power of analytics to turn this data into valuable, impactful insight.

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    Don't Fumble Your Customers' Moments of Truth

    We hear so much about the customer experience these days that it's getting hard to define. Forrester defines it as "how customers perceive their interactions with your company." I like this definition because it's simple and, more to the point, puts the customer — not the brand — front and center.

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  • Closing the Loop on Marketing Automation

    Closing the Loop on Marketing Automation

    We hear a lot about marketing technology platforms -- the marketing clouds, the experience platforms and the digital marketing hubs.

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  • Channel Marketing Blues Got You Down

    Channel Marketing Blues Got You Down?

    Consistent, quality customer service is hard to come by. How often do you walk away from an interaction with a brand thinking “Wow, that was simple!” More often, it's “Why does it have to be so hard?” Research shows that 89 percent of customers stop doing business with a brand after a single poor customer experience. Think about that -- pretty sobering, no? And many

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  • Emotion Analytics Speaking Your Customers Language

    Emotion + Analytics = Speaking Your Customer's Language

    In a recent interview with Jeannette Ho, vice president of revenue management and analytics at FRHI Hotels and Resorts, she spoke about using analytics to quantify guests’ emotions, with the goal of understanding motivations for traveling.

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  • Marketing to the Segment of One is Closer Than it Seems

    Marketing to the Segment of One is Closer Than it Seems

    Relevant and Timely Let’s discuss the why, how and what behind marketing to the segment of one:  Why market at this level? How do you market to the segment of one? What technologies and processes enable this type of marketing? Why would an organization want to market at this level?

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  • Connected Enterprises Provide Better Customer Service

    Networking your organization -- making it more agile, more enabled and more responsive -- makes a ton of sense from a practical perspective. From an operational perspective, however, it is much more difficult. Microsoft introduced the catch phrase of “working like a network” through a video for its enterprise social offering. But “working like a network”

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  • Escape Digital Experience Deja Vu

    Escape Digital Experience Deja Vu

    For me it happens all the time. Especially in terms of the marketing messages and offers I receive. I am a modern consumer guy who uses multiple channels to engage with brands -- whether small or large. I am what marketers refer to as a “hyper-connected consumer.

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