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  • Obtree C4 Users Get Easy Access to Day Communiqué

    Per a bemused joint announcement by Day Software and Quatico Solutions (a leading CMS purveyor), Day was just awarded "Data Migration" certification to the Quatico Content Importer. What does this mean for you? Little unless you've got legacy data parked in Obtree C4.The data and content migration approval means OpenText/Obtree

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  • Day Gets Standardized for Documentum

    The global CMS and content infrastructure providers at Day Software just announced they'll continue providing standardized connectors for leading repositories. We hardly needed reminding considering they've been busy. Of recent note they introduced a new series of content repository services supporting Apache Jackrabbit. Their most current standardized offering is

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  • Day Wires-up JCR Access for FileNet Enterprise CMS

    Swiss content management and content infrastructure software provider Day Software has announced its latest Java Content Repository (JCR) connector. This time the company has delivered wiring that enables standard JCR access to the IBM/FileNet's P8 Content Manager enterprise content repository.

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  • Magnolia Turns 3, Updates Web CMS

    Today Magnolia released Magnolia Enterprise Edition, a major update to their Enterprise Web CMS + Java Content Repository (JSR-170) offering, targeting simplification and ease of deployment. This is to commemorate their third anniversary.

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  • Magnolia Open Source CMS Updated

    Magnolia 3.0 is out the door. A "commercial open-source" project, Magnolia integrates web content management (CMS) and document management (DMS) through a single, web-based, AJAX-powered user interface. Version 3.0 brings together 3+ years of research and development and is one of the few CMS products to support the JSR-170 content

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