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  • quoth the raven, nevermore

    The CMS as You Know It Is Already Dead

    Over the past year, we've witnessed a push to using headless CMSs.  While the concept is far from new, the interest reflects a growing recognition that managing content for multiple channels is hard to do well while also managing those disparate channels.

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  • chewing on a pen

    Pick Workplace Communication Tools That Make Employees' Lives Easier

    New and emerging communication channels continue to jockey for digital workplace supremacy.  Slack remains the current trendy choice, but Microsoft Teams is pushing into its territory.  Meanwhile old, busted — yet reliable — email keeps running thanks to all of the new and improved engines in the cloud.

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  • winning black jack hand

    Ace the RFP Process Now or Risk Repeating in a Year

    "Are a few hundred requirements too many?" I almost spit up my coffee when I heard the question. My friend was starting a request for proposal (RFP) process for a new content management system, working with a draft RFP he had inherited.

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  • maps and legends

    Avoiding the Siren Call of the 'Perfect' Digital Workplace

    Since before the turn of the century, people have been looking for a way to make a digital workplace.  From portals to collaborative platforms to Enterprise 2.0 tools, a continuous wave of tools has appeared, each seemingly searching for a problem to solve.

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  • framework

    How Digital Transformation Relates to Information Governance

    You're probably thinking using "digital transformation" in the headline is a dirty trick to get people reading about information governance and records management.  Wrong. What it is is a dirty trick to get information governance people to read about digital transformation — and how it's providing them with the chance

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  • conference in session - conversation

    3 Clear Benefits of Attending Conferences

    Labor Day weekend is upon us in the US and with it, the (unofficial) end of summer.   As we look to the fall, we can be sure that product announcements and conferences await us.

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  • airport bar

    A Man Walks Into an Airport Bar ... A Tale of Poor Customer Experience

    Poor airport experiences are as common as typos on the internet. We've all been there. You're dragging your carry-on through the airport after a long day. With 30 minutes until your flight boards, you stop to grab something to eat.

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  • broken down typewriter

    Information Management: Some Assembly Required

    Information management trends have been swinging back and forth for years.  Currently, we see trends pushing the industry to specialized cloud solutions that focus on solving specific problems. A broader look shows organizations stringing together many applications in order to create a complete business solution.

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  • hiding in the office

    Don't Fear Skynet at Work

    Sometimes the world feels like a completely random place.  Other times events converge in such a way that you decide maybe some vast conspiracy is at work.  The latest confluence of events started when I finally got around to watching last summer’s Terminator Genisys movie.

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  • Baseball stats

    Look at the Data, Not the Numbers

    A business recently showed me its numbers to prove how fast it was growing. Like any business, its aim was to demonstrate its health and vigor.  While the numbers looked impressive, they didn’t tell me the whole story. Having more customers is great.

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  • in person collaboration

    Familiarity Breeds Collaboration

    We’ve all done it. You're sitting there, chatting online with someone, and you fire off a quick sarcastic joke complete with a smiley face. It’s a joke that's worked a thousand times.  And yet this time it upsets the other person.

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  • being watched

    The Internet of Terrible Things

    What's not to like about the Internet of Things (IOT)?  People can check-in on their cars and homes from afar. Companies can track the behavior of customers to design better products, giving consumers what they actually need. Hackers can get all of your data in order to steal your identity.

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  • 2015 Contributors of the Year: Laurence Hart

    Writer, consultant, baker of pies — contributor Laurence Hart wears many hats.

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  • Rich Uncle Pennybags graffiti

    Don't Waste Money on Pointless Integrations

    Does this conversation sound familiar: “We need to integrate our Enterprise Everything Management system with our Latest Flavor System.” “That sounds interesting. How would you like them to integrate?” “You know. Together.” When I hear this, my head figuratively hits the table.

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