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  • writing with quills

    Go Digital or Go Home

    Everywhere you turn you hear about digital transformation and the importance of going digital. People are out there selling digital transformation services and software. What they are not selling is a way for everyone in your organization, including yourself, to understand what going digital actually means.

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  • two thumbs up

    Are You Measuring for Customer Success?

    Everyone has customers.  Whether you execute large contracts for the government, sell the latest widget or run an industry association, customers pay your bills. But the constant pressure to increase revenue and market share makes it challenging to keep the customer in focus.

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  • scanned face

    No One Should Ever Do a Scanning Project

    Everyone working in the tech industry eventually gets hit with a wave of frustration — it's inevitable. After a few years, every project starts to look the same. An industry colleague lamented the other day that he was tired of doing scanning project after scanning project and needed a change.

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  • Padlocks

    Protect Information As If It Was Your Own

    When I was in my 20s, technology was simple. All I had to do was make things work.

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  • Balancing Act

    Think Globally, But Act Locally with Information Management

    How is globalization changing the world of information management? Ask me again in a few years. Most organizations don't even know how to manage information at a local scale, finding managing information in organizations of only a few hundred people a challenge.

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  • Empty Ice Cream Cone

    Without Information Governance, Your Tech Doesn't Matter

    The past six months I have talked to a wide variety of organizations, helping them assess their content management efforts, and in the process gaining a better understanding of how the average organization addresses its content challenges.

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  • Youre Crazy to Move to Office 365 Without Thinking

    You're Crazy to Move to Office 365 - Without Thinking

    Joe Shepley has called Office 365 a disaster waiting to happen. His logic is that Microsoft and its partners are encouraging firms to migrate their networks to Office 365 without organizing, classifying, purging or adding any information governance.

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  • Forget Intranets Give Me an ESN

    Forget Intranets, Give Me an ESN

    We heard it all a decade ago: Intranets are the wave of the future. Intranets are a waste of resources. Intranets are valuable tools. Intranets need to be social. Intranets are dead. The only thing that's true is that Intranets need to solve an actual problem.

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  • Success Means Back to Basics for Content Management

    Success Means Back to Basics for Content Management

    It's a crazy world in content management these days. The dying term "enterprise content management" lives on out of sheer momentum. Information governance is on the rise. The cloud is making everyone reconsider their basic understanding of how they build and deliver business solutions.

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  • Risk Management Put Paranoia In Its Place

    Risk Management: Put Paranoia In Its Place

    One of my favorite songs is "Destroyer" from The Kinks. It's one of the first songs I remember from my early radio days and it fit my mindset at that time.

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  • Bring Your Employees to the Customers

    Bring Your Employees to the Customers

    Except it isn’t that easy. If your product is exceptionally challenging or complex you will get a lot of participation in support forums, but that will attract the frustrated and angry. What every vendor wants is a collaborative conversation with their customers that drives loyalty and innovation.

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  • CMSWire Top Contributors 2014 - Laurence Hart

    Mix one part pop culture, one part baking references, a pinch of #headdesk with two decades of experience in content and information management and you might come close to what Laurence Hart shares in his posts on CMSWire, on his own blog and in his Twitter feed.

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  • Chaos Reigns at Content Management Vendors

    This year has seen a lot of change at the executive levels of multiple Content Management vendors. This has spawned a long list of articles of people speculating what must be going on at the various companies. All the speculation I’ve been able to validate has been wrong.

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  • Lets Get the WCM out of the ECM

    Let's Get the WCM out of the ECM

    For years now, it's been obvious to many web professionals that Web Content Management (WCM) requires a Content Management System (CMS) designed specifically for managing web content.

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