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  • The Key to Security is Subtlety

    The Key to Security is Subtlety

    Most people also share a degree of stubbornness. People are happy to do things your way if they see the benefit, but anything that's perceived as getting in the way is quickly worked around. When you try and force something, they will dig in their feet on sheer principle.

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  • Content Management Vendors Pushing Shiny Objects

    Content Management Vendors Pushing Shiny Objects

    What isn’t shown is the level of effort to make that demo a reality. Long processes have to be mapped and set up. Integrations to external systems taking weeks to get working, much less correct.

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  • Can Box Overcome Its Bad Timing

    Can Box Overcome Its Bad Timing?

    Tough Round Due to the delay in going public, Box had to take another round of financing. According to their most recent S-1, Box’s Series F financing was for 7.5 million shares at $20 per share. This $150 million will help keep Box chugging along until it goes public.

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  • How Much Is Your Data Worth

    How Much Is Your Data Worth?

    If our personal data is valuable, shouldn’t we guard our privacy more closely? If we are giving away information for free, how much are we getting in return? Data for services is the business model for both Google and Facebook.

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  • The Catch-22 of Social ROI

    Another year has passed and we are still trying to define the Return on Investment (ROI) for social tools in the enterprise. We are bombarded with stories of successful implementations but finding hard numbers that can be quickly applied to our own organization remains a challenge.

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  • From Mobile Tasking to Mobile Productivity

    From Mobile Tasking to Mobile Productivity

    I love my mobile phone. Aside from helping me screen calls and serving as my primary phone these days, it is my lifeline when I'm away from my computer.

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  • Moving to the Cloud, One Process at a Time with Hybrid Clouds

    I admit, when I first heard of hybrid clouds I was suspicious of the whole concept. The goal is to move everything you could to the cloud --  liberating IT from routine infrastructure worries and freeing the department to solve business problems for the business, not technical details.

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  • Working Seamlessly Together: Collaboration Lessons from Email

    A couple of months ago, I shared a vision where all information was at our fingertips. It's a nice vision for the future of work but we have a more immediate problem: How do I collaborate with Jed in Toledo? There have been a lot of solutions proposed.

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  • Internet of Things Delivers Context Just in Time

    Over the past several years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been making the rounds in tech circles as the next big thing. The plethora of data to come from all of these devices has been part of the big data push.

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  • Our Connected Future is Within Reach

    For years, movies have shown new and exciting ways to interact with information; from Star Trek to The Matrix, it's all about the cool interfaces. In Minority Report, Chief John Anderton, played by Tom Cruise, interacted simultaneously with mental images, live video streams and records from various police systems.

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  • Instead of Fighting Content Management, Simplify It

    Here we are in 2013, staring 2014 in the face as the holiday season slowly descends upon us. As I look back over the year, it seems like many others in the Content industry. As I look further back, the years seem to blend together. That is a problem.

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  • Are Content Management Systems Good Enough for Digital Asset Management?

    A decade ago, the industry was vigorously pursuing the Holy Grail of enterprise content management (ECM). The basic premise: one content repository to serve as the home for all content within an organization.

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  • The Cloud, Making Content Management Omnipresent

    Content Management in the Cloud seems to be very straightforward. It is supposed to be agile, simple, and cost effective. In my opinion, it is going to completely change the practice of Content Management. These statements make the following truth that much more bizarre. Users don’t care where their Content is managed; they just want their Content when they need it. Omnipresent Content Management Recently, Lee Dallas

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  • Is SharePoint a Savior for Information Management?

    For years, the challenge with many information and content management systems has been the lack of discipline. I’m not referring to missing knowledge or processes but to the lack of control people have faced in keeping the scope of the effort under control.

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