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  • Cheap at Heart: Search Optimization (Part 2)

    If there's one thing that we hold in common as a human race it's that, when we're on the Web, we're cheap. (Even the Swiss are cheap.)Go on, admit it; you're cheap. Breathe in deeply, and then as you breathe out slowly, whisper: "I'm cheap." Now louder: "I'm cheap." Now

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  • Words that Work: Search Words Versus Website Words

    Do people search using basic, simple, old words? But when they arrive at a website are they moved to action by more emotive, sophisticated words?The Web is the land of the word. Getting your words exactly right can mean the difference between success and failure. Frank Luntz is a bit of

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  • The Web is the Organization

    The Web has become the organization. An organization of a billion people with a billion things to say. And a million ways to work together.The ability to organize is the basis of life. It is also the basis of civilization. Without the concept of the company, capitalism could not have

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  • Webcast: Ready to Play Operator?

    Remember the game of Operator when you were little? You tell your friend something, they tell their friend something, and so on? And by the time the statement got to the last friend in the line, it no way resembled what you said to begin with? Well, such is the

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  • Using Content to Make Sales, Drive Productivity

    Most organizations do not properly understand or manage content. They fail to realize that quality content is now key to productivity, cost effectiveness, sales, and customer satisfaction.Frederick Taylor is regarded by many as the father of modern management. His work at the turn of the 20th century had an extraordinary

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  • Does Technology Make Managers Lazy?

    Technology does not replace the need for good management. Without such management, technology can create more problems than it solves.It's hard to resist the easy option. Buy this customer relationship management (CRM) software, and you will efficiently and cost-effectively be able to manage your customer relationships. Buy this content management

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  • Why Intranet Search Fails

    Intranet search performs miserably because most organizations do not properly manage their content.Most intranet search delivers lamentably poor results. Time and time again, I hear staff plead: "Why can't we just get Google?" But buying Google-or any other search engine for that matter-will not solve the problem. There are three reasons

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