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    Use Marketing Automation for 1-to-1 Customer Engagement

    Customers direct most of their buying journeys independently of brands, making it more important than ever for marketers to understand and engage customers on an individual basis.   “Marketers need to find tools that help them redefine rules of engagement,” said Anastasia Pavlova, senior director of marketing at San Mateo, Calif.-based

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  • view from above

    Align Marketing Automation with Web CMS to Reach New DX Heights

    Marketing automation (MA) is playing a larger role in digital experience (DX) every day, but on its own, it doesn't offer enough capabilities to really transform DX. Meanwhile, many CMS applications offer features that are similar to — but fall short of — the personalization that marketing automation can provide.

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  • miss the target

    Marketing Automation Missed Its Mark - And That's a Good Thing

    Only a few years ago, most marketing automation vendors were sprinting to expand their cloud offerings. It was an intense race: most major vendors wanted to be the first all-in-one, customer data platform to automate the entire customer experience — from initial prospect identification to post-purchase advocate creation.

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  • rearview mirror

    Create B2B Marketing Automation that Leaves No Lead Behind

    B2B marketers who are looking for truly effective ways to enhance marketing performance should consider employing strategies that consist of more than simply defining their target audiences or communication plans. According to recent research by Regalix, the top three objectives for marketing automation in the B2B sector are improving

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  • road trip

    Where Marketing Automation Fits in the DX Journey

    Marketing automation platforms can help businesses deliver memorable, personalized digital experiences for their customers.  Think of marketing automation as a company’s communication vehicle — fueled by content and tracking billions of touch point engagement data to help businesses better understand their buyers.

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  • marching band

    Step Up Your Marketing Automation Game

    Marketing automation, if done right, works.  A targeted email performs better than a generic email, and a personalized call to action will always work better than a generic one. So that’s the good news. The not so good news is: everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

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  • Ducks in Order

    Keep Your Engagement Marketing Simple and Consistent

    The most common question I get asked about digital marketing technology in my work as an analyst is, "How is everybody else doing this?”  It's not an easy question to answer — ironically because most discussion about it overcomplicates the issue. In short, for many, the best practice is to keep things simple.

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  • Test the Waters

    The Platform is the Easy Part

    If it were just the technology... If it were only the marketing automation platform that mattered, everyone would be building and delivering intelligent, automated, customer experience programs. Well, not exactly everyone.

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  • Suggestion Box with Barbed Wire

    The Most Useful Path to Personalization that Marketers Ignore

    If you’re in a top-performing marketing team, the odds are good that you’re using some form of marketing automation in tandem with a lead scoring system. Marketing automation helps track your activities — whether they occur virtually or in the real world — and then tracks prospects’ responses to them.

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  • Powerful Automated Engagement Marketing HowTos

    Powerful Automated Engagement Marketing How-Tos

    When I think about what automated engagement marketing means, a really simple definition comes to mind: meeting my needs in my time of need. Done right, companies can successfully build strong relationships with customers who benefit from new and expanded projects leading to increased revenues.

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  • The Secret to Scaling Engagement with Marketing Automation

    The Secret to Scaling Engagement with Marketing Automation

    Have you heard about growth hacking? What about how that "one weird trick" can result in increased leads? Success in marketing boils down to a lot of small things done right, every single day.

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  • Marketing Automation 3 Trends to Watch

    Marketing Automation: 3 Trends to Watch

    As of December 2013, 58 percent of all top performing companies were using marketing automation according to a Forrester report. That number has only increased since then. Why? Because automation’s benefits are impossible to ignore in the current marketing landscape.

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  • Do We Still Need Sales Reps

    Do We Still Need Sales Reps?

    A rhetorical question, but the expectations we should have with automation are worth examining. According to Forrester Research, companies worldwide are spending 19 percent of their SG&A (selling, general and administrative) costs on average in sales support-related activities. With a nearly 14 percent growth in worldwide CRM sales in 2013

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  • Feed the Marketing Automation Machine with Interactive Content

    Feed the Marketing Automation Machine with Interactive Content

    Without that, marketing automation is a blender with nothing to blend. Attracting people with content is easier said than done.

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