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  • Fayez Mohamood

    Bluecore Gives Marketers New Predictive Analytics Tool

    There was a time way back when — about 12 months ago — when digital marketers were happy using analytics to understand customer behaviors. Now they've upped the ante: they want to use predictive analytics to understand future behaviors, a decidedly more difficult task.

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  • big binoculars

    Searching for a Marketing Analytics Solution? Check Your Google History

    Viral video devotees might be familiar with “Teens React To,” a YouTube series in which today’s smartphone-toting kids meet yesterday’s obsolete tech.  A recent episode, for example, involves young people bewildered by Windows 95 PCs. Accustomed to touchscreens and ubiquitous WiFi, most of the kids can’t even turn on

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  • Opher Kahane

    Origami Logic Gets Another $25M

    An 18-month-old Menlo Park, Calif-based marketing technology company just secured another $25 million, bringing total funding to date to nearly $50 million. Investors seem smitten with Origami Logic's Marketing Signal Measurement (MSM) Platform, which the company claims converts marketing signals into business insights.  The round was led

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  • person jumping

    Jumpshot Knows What You're Buying, Browsing, Searching

    The company uses advanced algorithms to see on a transaction level, well, everything that is happening on the Internet.

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  • on the cell phone

    How Do You Measure Your Mobile Marketing?

    Five bucks if you can look around wherever you are right now and find someone more than an arm's reach from a mobile device. Our phones and tablets and wearables are wardrobe essentials, tangible symbols of our ubiquitous digital connectivity.

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  • Content Marketing Strategy Context Context Context

    Content Marketing Strategy: Context, Context, Context

    "Location, location, location" may have been the mantra for brick-and-mortar businesses in the past, but in today's content-driven economy it's "context, context, context." Content marketing these days is more complex than ever before.

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  • Turn Your Data Into Smart Data

    Experts have proclaimed the end of the big data bubble for a few years now. Yet more and more companies want to be analytics-driven with analytics-oriented departments to take full advantage of the exponential growth of data points. It's reported that marketers will spend an estimated $11.

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  • Yes, Marketers: You Still Need Email for Digital CX

    Marketers often debate about which media to use in a campaign. But their sentiment about using email to engage customers is unanimous. An email campaign can be valuable because a list of subscribers forms a captive audience. These are people who have actively expressed a willingness for engagement.

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  • 4 Must Have Skills for DataDriven CMOs

    4 Must Have Skills for Data-Driven CMOs

    It wasn't that long ago when most CMOs and senior marketers were considered the keepers of the brand. Today CMOs have a seat at the table. Their customer-centric insight drives the business-building strategy in front of the funnel, in the funnel, and all the way to the close and beyond.

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  • Do You Have What it Takes to Be a CMO

    Do You Have What it Takes to Be a CMO?

    CMOs today require different knowledge and skills from those needed just five years ago. We are accountable for revenue and results and for crafting a compelling customer experience across the buyer journey.

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  • Companies Embrace Advanced Analytics But Not Big Data

    Advanced analytics is becoming an enterprise essential. But most companies appear content to stick with the benefits of the "small data." the technology generates rather than make the necessary investments to capitalize on big data.

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  • Do Analytics Matter for B2B Marketers?

    B2B marketers use analytics and gain value from them in their campaigns and marketing programs, a survey released today claims. But earlier this year, another study claimed otherwise. It found only about a third of organizational projects include marketing analytics. And it further claimed there has been no significant gains

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  • Leverage DataDriven Marketing to Measure Business Impact

    Leverage Data-Driven Marketing to Measure Business Impact

    As the growing reliance on data reshapes marketing, many CMOs wonder which metrics to collect and how to use them to boost company profits. There's a secret to that. In fact, there are four. Heidi Bullock, vice president of demand generation at Marketo, outlined those yesterday in a CMSWire webinar

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  • Marketing to the Segment of One is Closer Than it Seems

    Marketing to the Segment of One is Closer Than it Seems

    Relevant and Timely Let’s discuss the why, how and what behind marketing to the segment of one:  Why market at this level? How do you market to the segment of one? What technologies and processes enable this type of marketing? Why would an organization want to market at this level?

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