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  • Enterprise Search Information is a Click Away

    People collect all sorts of things; paperweights, Chinese porcelain, paintings of cats. I am a thematic information collector.  The bookshelves in my house hold collections of books on specific topics, including the music of J.S.Bach, the decryption of the Enigma, Tunny and Purple codes and American political history.

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  • Fine-Tuning a Search-Based Intranet

    Fine-Tuning a Search-Based Intranet

    It's easy to get despondent about the state of search. But then a company takes a fresh approach, and it gives one hope. The example below from DNV-GL serves as a reminder that search can act as both an application and a platform.

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  • What Poor Website Search Says About Your Company

    Enterprise search is a strategy, not a technology. It is a strategy for ensuring that employees and customers can find information that an organization has created. As I was choosing the topics for the recently published second edition of my book "Enterprise Search," I decided to include a new

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  • A Glimmer of Light at the End of the Search Tunnel

    A Glimmer of Light at the End of the Search Tunnel

    Findwise, one of the largest search implementation companies in Europe, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. And as it has done for some years past, it released the outcomes of its 2015 Enterprise Search and Findability Survey, undertaken with great care by co-authors Mattias Ellison and Carl Björnfors.

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  • Can We Make Cloud Search Less Cloudy?

    Can We Make Cloud Search Less Cloudy?

    In the 40 years since I first started using search applications (initially on online remote access services such as Dialog, SDC and BRS) we have seen steady progress in search performance. But this progress is nowhere near the scale of development every other area of computer technology has witnessed.

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  • Enterprise Search Needs to Get Mobile

    Enterprise Search Needs to Get Mobile

    Enterprise search interface functionality continues to increase in response to user demands for manageable search results and the need for exploratory search.

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  • Can Your Search Application Keep a Secret?

    Can Your Search Application Keep a Secret?

    Every organizations has its secrets, and at times it feels as if the secrets get around faster than "approved" information.

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  • Beware of False Friends: Challenges of Multilingual Search

    Beware of False Friends: Challenges of Multilingual Search

    When a multinational organization states that its corporate language is English, it is deluding itself. And worse, it is doing an injustice to all of its non-native English speaking employees.

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  • Intranet Search? Sssh! Don't Speak of It

    Intranet Search? Sssh! Don't Speak of It

    I gained so much from the Smarta Sök (Smart Search) event, which took place in Stockholm in February, because it was full of case studies.

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  • In Pursuit of Search Clarity

    In Pursuit of Search Clarity

    One of the rarely mentioned benefits of writing a book is finding out how little you know. After writing almost 100,000 words for the second edition of Enterprise Search for O’Reilly Media and looking at the comments a small group of search experts made on the draft, I learned that

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  • Enterprise Search's Future Relies on Information Science Skills

    Clinton Gormley and Zachary Tong published an excellent new book on Elasticsearch. It weighs in at over 700 pages -- a commitment for even the most dedicated reader -- but worth the effort for those interested in the topic.

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  • Plan for Migration Success with Search

    Plan for Migration Success with Search

    Migrating a website or an intranet to a new CMS or new information architecture comes with considerable challenges. Automated tools can support the process, but almost inevitably a great deal of discussion and work will need to take place around specific areas of the site.

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  • Unravelling Enterprise Federated Search

    Unravelling Enterprise Federated Search

    Enterprise search helps employees find the information they need, confident in the knowledge that all potential repositories have been indexed. In an ideal world, queries could be entered in a single search box to generate all relevant results from across all information resources of the organization.

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  • CMSWire Top Contributors 2014 - Martin White

    UK-based Martin White has been involved in information retrieval and search for nearly four decades as a consultant, author and columnist. A chemist by education but an information scientist by profession, he has a passion for intranets and enterprise search. As owner and managing director at Intranet Focus Ltd.

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