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  • climbing stairs

    Capturing Missed Connections in the Workplace

    Discussions of organizational siloes often turn to technological barriers and questions of integrating systems. But just as often, siloed thinking is part of the issue, too. Breaking down those walls requires developing “an adjacency mindset” — finding connections that aren’t obvious and uncovering new ones.

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  • pulling a bus

    Beyond APIs: Pulling Data Directly from the Source

    There’s no arguing against the efficiencies APIs have brought to the consumer experience. But the API movement has recently taken on the look and feel of an unwieldy and expensive third-party ecosystem.

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  • hard drive belt buckle

    Differentiating With Wearable Tech

    “Is there an app for that?”  These days, the answer to that question is invariably “yes.” A quick look at the app marketplace makes it clear: everyone is building an app. For everything.  But for many businesses, this is a waste of time and resources.

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  • mobile shopper

    Simple Ways to Convert Mobile Customers

    Mobile makes accessing everything we want, whenever we want, exceptionally simple from a consumer standpoint.  But even though endless pop-up ads make it seem otherwise, mobile can make marketers' jobs incredibly difficult. The solution is to sort out some solutions ahead of the holiday season.

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  • All tangled up

    Marketing Clouds Add Clarity and Complexity to Agencies

    When it comes to keeping vendors and campaigns on task, the choices available to businesses to facilitate each are numerous ... and overwhelming.

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  • Business casual zombie

    Big Data Is Coming To Get You, Barbara

    Data privacy ranks up there with zombies on the list of things that people worry about. And who can blame them?  Both come up a lot online, both are scary and, unfortunately, both are viewed (to varying extents) as concerns plaguing the paranoid.

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  • Dont Let Big Data Keep You Up at Night

    Don't Let Big Data Keep You Up at Night

    Massive amounts of data is zooming around online and through the airwaves -- data that could help your small business accomplish a great many things. But just because it's there doesn’t mean you have to worry about ALL of it. You just need to focus.

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