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  • inspired by Escher

    Information Architecture: Still Vital to Digital Design

    Over the years, the most neglected, and yet most essential, area of digital design has been information architecture. Recently, a set of presentations for website designs were made to senior management at a large organization. One presentation was based on data.

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  • origami newspaper

    Content Marketers: Do More With Less

    Our jobs are at stake, content marketers. Too many content marketers are taking the “more is better” approach to publishing. But when you focus too much on production and too little on strategy, things won’t scale. At some point, the impact (ROI) of your content will hit a plateau.

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  • Isaac Newton

    Let Isaac Newton Improve Your End User Data Classification

    Which method works better: end-user or automated tagging? While there are proponents for both sides of this ongoing debate, they do agree on this: properly tagged content provides countless benefits. It is more organized, easier to find, optimized for search and indexing, and when also classified, is easily protected.

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  • John Horodyski

    DX Leaders: People and Process First, Then Focus on the Technology

    John Horodyski knows digital asset management (DAM) inside and out. As partner with New York City-based Optimity Advisors, Horodyski advises clients on the strategies and foundational elements required to get their "digital houses in order.

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  • aisle 5 is confused

    How To Not Fail at Taxonomy

    Taxonomy never made sense to me as a hot topic until I found myself in a heated debate with my husband about which product category a mug should fall under in an online store.

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  • harness the power of metadata

    Harness the Power of Metadata to Revolutionize Document Search

    Managing large volumes of documents and their metadata presents a challenge for any enterprise, but organizations such as financial institutions that need to retain so many documents for audit and compliance purposes have it especially tough.

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  • managing records - so many books

    How to Get Started with SharePoint Records Management

    For businesses already using SharePoint for document management, turning to it for records management seems like a natural next step. Using the same system for records and document management — instead of bringing in an additional system — can lead to cost reduction, better business alignment and better usability.

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  • digital dreams - an illustration

    We'll Be Managing $5.36B Worth of Digital Assets by 2020

    If you have any doubts about the viability — or necessity  — of digital asset management (DAM), new estimates about its projected growth should dispel the notion. The DAM market is estimated to grow from $1.42 billion in 2015 to $5.36 billion by 2020, according to new research from MarketsandMarkets

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  • searching for images

    What Makes a Good Metadata Schema?

    What makes a good metadata schema and how do you know if you’ve got one?   No formula exists today for answering this question in quantifiable terms — it requires evaluation and reflection on the part of the organization.

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  • taking a peek

    What's In Your Search Index?

    Anyone involved in the ongoing management of internal search has heard the complaints: internal search stinks.  We've spent the last few months getting your enterprise search house in order: giving it some of the attention your SEO team gives your public content for Google and improving the relevance on your internal search platforms. This month let's take

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  • CMSWire's Top 15

    CMSWire's Hits of 2015: DAM

    Your business has a lot of digital files to manage — images, multimedia and textual content files. And the volume and variety of those assets just keeps growing. That’s why digital asset management (DAM) has such a critical place in the ecosystems of digital businesses.

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  • peek a boo giraffe

    M-Files Looks Beyond Its Own Walls

    M-Files has some projects in the works that its users (and competitors) should take note of. The enterprise content management (ECM) system provider is looking to extend its infrastructure beyond the current system boundaries to locate and surface data residing in third-party applications. Greg Milliken, vice president of marketing at

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  • under the cloud gate, Chicago

    People Bring Your DAM to Life

    Anyone who thinks that launching a digital asset management (DAM) system comes down to picking a solution and flicking a switch should think again. One step can make a big difference between a DAM solution that people use and a DAM solution that people ignore: talking to your stakeholders.

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  • falling leaves

    DAM Diatribe on Data Anxiety

    “To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time” —  Leonard Bernstein The transition to fall brings with it a feeling of change: to shorter days, cooler temperatures and the realization that the end of the year looms.

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