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    Have You Looked at Your (Big) Data Lately?

    A recent trend gives cause for concern: Companies are using their big data repositories — Hadoop, Storm, "DBs," "Bases," etc. — as archival storage, turning them into little more than glorified network shared drives. The industry even has a term for it: data lakes. We've already maintained here that data lakes are the new "Roach Motel"

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  • Archivists Share Practical Metadata Advice

    A panel of archivists recently shared their experiences with metadata management to a room full of eager young archivists (more on that later) during a pop-up session at The Society of American Archivists annual meeting in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • reading on the subway

    Get Smart About Intelligent Content

    Intelligent, or structured, content is nothing new. We’ve been talking about it for years, particularly in relation to creating and storing technical documentation. But intelligent content’s importance has grown well past the management of technical documents.

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  • 1964 Love

    Metadata Is a Love Note to the Future

    We are living in a data-driven society, with globalized economies and ubiquitous access to everything from everywhere. Across information gateways such as websites, file shares, instant messaging and collaboration systems both in the cloud and on premises, data is free-flowing within and outside an organization’s walls.

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  • Anchored Balloon

    Connecting the Dots Between Customer Engagement and DAM

    “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much they care” John C. Maxwell Data-driven marketing solutions enable customer engagement, and a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system can be a step toward gaining innovative, operational and intellectual control of your data.

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  • Passport

    Your Metadata Crosses All Borders

    Regardless of where information has to live, for how long or according to what standard, using metadata to control it is a well-established and relatively inexpensive process. However, complexity and costs can rise rapidly when an organization has to expand metadata usage in multiple languages for many different locations worldwide.

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  • Inside the Crater

    Deep Content: A Fresh Take on Content Modeling

    Deep content is enabling the next wave of digital transformation for core business processes. It is about storing and managing business information in a way that is both human-readable and computer-ready. It is the foundation for a whole range of new applications and improved business processes in the organization.

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  • Metadata Maturity Helps You Maintain Business Relevance

    Metadata Maturity Helps You Maintain Business Relevance

    “Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers"  -- Calvin Coolidge Any organization looking to manage and exploit its knowledge more effectively can't afford to ignore metadata creation. Metadata's application, however, can't stop at creation. Organizations must continually update, manage and exploit it in order to provide optimal content and knowledge management opportunities.

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  • Is Email the Solution to Information Overload

    Is Email the Solution to Information Overload?

    Information overload prohibits you from "focusing on what matters most." Email is the primary cause of overload because you have too many email message to process. Solve the email problem and you will conquer information overload. This is what IBM, Microsoft and Google want you to believe.

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  • Link Information Architecture to Productivity

    Link Information Architecture to Productivity

    The importance of a strong metadata and taxonomy strategy is unclear for many users. And this lack of clarity is fairly widespread across most organizations using SharePoint. But it's not just a SharePoint problem: the same issues are common to every other knowledge management or collaboration platform.

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  • Overcoming Old Fears About Live Video

    Overcoming Old Fears About Live Video

    So many good reasons to stream live video. So many ways to screw it up.  According to Forrester, video as an increasingly common channel for both internal communication with other employees and external communication with customers and partners.

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  • Managing Content Start with Metadata

    Managing Content? Start with Metadata

    To effectively manage and exploit a company’s knowledge, you need a metadata plan. The successful implementation of any content-related strategy -- be it data, digital assets or text -- requires implementation of a holistic metadata schema that is supported by technology, people and process.

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  • Hortonworks Spreads its Open Source Wings to Bring Governance to Hadoop

    Hortonworks Spreads its Open Source Wings to Bring Governance to Hadoop

    We all know Hortonworks is committed to open source, insisting that it’s the way to innovate on Hadoop and deliver the best enterprise-grade technology to the marketplace. And though its main competitor, Cloudera (or at least a member of its management team) may have taunted that Hortonworks’ business model is

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  • MFiles Eases Hybrid Cloud Computing With Metadata

    M-Files Eases Hybrid Cloud Computing With Metadata

    The only things everyone seems to agree about when it comes to hybrid cloud computing is that it’s going to be around for a long time to come — and many vendors have many ways of approaching it.

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