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  • Life in the Balance: Users Won't Tolerate Sites That Don't Perform

    Back when we were telling you about how users were getting more ruthless online, we mentioned that "successful web sites are now determined by how quickly users find what they are searching for". Well, that doesn't just pertain to the little guy's website, but the big boys as well. A

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  • People Spend More Time Reading Online News

    Even since the Web descended down from the heavens (through a series of pipes and tubes, of course), we web folks have been obsessed with gathering, analyzing and spouting our wisdoms about metrics.

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  • Web Analytics: CrazyEgg Visualizes Visitor Activity

    Are you curious about the exact click behavior of your website visitors? Yes, well, you are surely not alone. Going beyond server log files and the latest Google Analytics facelift, a new SaaS application has sprung up, delivering a very visual representation of the paths your users travel and the

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  • Publishers to Merge Print and Online Metrics

    The main U.S. newspaper auditing group, Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), has announced that it will now include newspapers' print, online and combined readership figures in its biannual reports, citing that "the numbers are a key factor in negotiations on newspaper advertising rates between newspapers and marketers."ABC calls Audience-FAX, to

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  • Google Analytics Shoots for Enterprise, Falls Short

    In one of their stellar new reports analyst firm CMS Watch recently reviewed Google Analytics, a free offering that shares the Google characteristics of a simple, effective UI and quick adoption by earnest early adopters. What's the verdict? While pretty, it's insufficient to meet enterprise analytics needs. Hmm.

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