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  • A Mobile Strategy For Web Content is Critical

    Web sites and web applications have come a long way in the last 10-15 years. With technologies such as dynamic HTML, JavaScript and broadband connections, we have seen amazing web applications in recent years. However, on the mobile platform, browsing the web leaves a lot to be desired.

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  • Skyfire Mobile Browser Free for All, Mimics Chrome

    Last time we covered Skyfire, those who wanted to browse the Internet on their phones in the same way as on their PCs had to sign up on a waiting list.

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  • Mobile Content Management Spending on the Rise

    A new research report has come out that says mobile content management spending is expected to top US$ 8 billion by the end of 2008.

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  • EContent's Annual Top 100 Strikes Again

    Back for a seventh year, EContent Magazine has spent agonizing days, weeks, months -- or just a lot of time, compiling their annual Top 100. Top 100 what? Well, it's the best of digital content companies in the industry today. You've seen many such lists covered here before, I'm sure.

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  • Jamba Taps IMImobile for Mobile Content Dissemination

    Jamba, a global provider of digital entertainment services, has just tapped IMImobile to bring content to the mobile frontier, joining brands like Airtel, Vodafone, Cable & Wireless and Google. IMImobile provides carrier-fit messaging platforms and gateways, as well as voice platforms and content management systems.

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  • EditGrid for iPhone, Spreadsheets Go Mobile

    EditGrid, a leader in online spreadsheets, today announced the launch of the iPhone Edition of its Web-based spreadsheets software. The news broke this morning at the Office. 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. The iPhone Edition of EditGrid is a customized version of EditGrid which designed specifically for mobile usability.

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  • Juha Lehikoinen Puts Mobile Facts in Print

    Ireland-based Research and Markets just added a handy print guide to their digital cache. Written by Principal Scientist Juha Lehikoinen of Nokia, Personal Content Experience: Managing Digital Life in the Mobile Age covers the strategic and business impact of mobile content.Taking a personal approach to mobile content management, Personal Content Experience focuses

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  • Italians Go Mobile-Global with Funambol

    Italian firm Funambol gets vocal about self-titled project Funambol, formerly known as Sync4j, the project's birth name circa 2001. Now the largest open source mobile project, Funambol nears the one million downloads mark and is compatible with approximately 75% of mobile phones sold worldwide -- hardly a laughable feat --

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