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  • News You Can Use: Flips, Tricks and SAP HANA Mobile

    News You Can Use: Flips, Tricks and SAP HANA Mobile

    Everyone’s going mobile. Even the high-flying, acrobatic and ungodly flexible Cirque du Soleil entertainment team.  Spectators of the show will be able to use their mobile devices to interact with the characters and special effects throughout the production. The mobile application is powered by the SAP HANA platform, a

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  • CloudCraze Issues a New Release

    Chicago-based B2B e-commerce vendor CloudCraze  just announced the general availability of its Winter 2016 release. Built natively on the Salesforce platform, it moves a step closer to what Shawn Belling, VP of Product Development at CloudCraze, described as the vendor’s vision of agile applications optimized for mobile-first services.

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  • Your Mobile Email Marketing Checklist

    Your Mobile Email Marketing Checklist

    Email marketing remains an important vehicle for businesses to reach new and existing customers. As people increasingly read email on their mobile devices, marketers need to create compelling experiences, no matter what size the screen. A recent Radicati Group report estimated worldwide mobile email users will total over 2.

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  • Microsoft Simplifies App Building

    Microsoft just announced the release of PowerApps, a new service that will let enterprises create easy-to-build, disposable apps. The new service stands in direction competition to Salesforce’s Lightning service — which is somewhat ironic since Microsoft has been boasting recently about its Salesforce partnership.

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  • Are You Spending Black Friday In Line or Online?

    Are You Spending Black Friday In Line or Online?

    A lot of shoppers will have only one hand free when pushing their way through the huddled masses of bargain hunters on Black Friday this year.

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  • What Other Secrets Does Google Have Up Its Sleeve?

    The implications of Google's announcement last week that it had developed a way to stream apps via mobile search without the need to download the app are beginning to sink in. This is more than just a way for users to have more room on their screens, for starters.

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  • Google Makes It Easier To Manage Chrome Signage Apps

    Google for Work has introduced a web-based chrome device management console called Single App Chrome Device Management or Single App CDM. It allows business owners to remotely manage their "fleet of devices across all their storefronts," according to a blog post by Vidya Nagarajan, senior product manager of Chrome and

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  • Trilibis Promises Speedier Delivery of Mobile Apps

    Trilibis Promises Speedier Delivery of Mobile Apps

    We may be moving to a mobile only world, but we are not there yet. The desktop still reigns even as more and more consumers and some businesses flee to the more convenient mobile OS. Content development, meanwhile, must straddle both ecosystems.

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  • Swrve Gets $30M, Acquires Mobile Analytics Company

    Swrve Gets $30M, Acquires Mobile Analytics Company

    San Francisco-based Swrve  added $30 million and a mobile data automation platform to its mobile marketing automation platform today. Evolution Media Partners (EMP), a partnership of CAA-backed Evolution Media Capital, TPG Growth and Participant Media, and the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF), let the funding round.

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  • Colligo Offers 3 New Mobile Apps

    Mobile content management vendor Colligo has unveiled three new apps, an upgraded management console and a new sync technology. Barry Jinks, CEO and founder of Colligo, claim the new apps push the limits of Colligo's Engage mobile platform.

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  • MileIQ + Microsoft's Open Graph = ?

    MileIQ + Microsoft's Open Graph = ?

    Heads were scratching when Microsoft announced last week it was acquiring San Francisco-based Mobile Data Lab's MileIQ app, a maker of a popular mileage tracking app available for both iOS and Android — but not Windows Phone.

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  • DX Digest: Sheryl Pattek on Customers Controlling Your Brand

    DX Digest: Sheryl Pattek on Customers Controlling Your Brand

    “It isn’t easy to disconnect the perception of your brand from the ongoing customer experience,” said Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Sheryl Pattek, “because every touchpoint matters. And customers now control the brand. “It’s more important what they say about you than what you say about yourself.

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  • Data is a Mobile Marketer's Best Friend

    Data is a Mobile Marketer's Best Friend

    Mobile commerce is on a tear. To cite just one study from the many out there — PayPal's research covering 22 countries found that m-commerce is growing at three times the rate of e-commerce. Usage of shopping apps has been identified as the fastest-growing app category, with sessions on shopping

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  • Stop Trying to Force an App Down My Throat

    Stop Trying to Force an App Down My Throat

    If you hide content from mobile users behind an annoying prompt that suggests they'd be happier downloading an app, stop. Just stop. Google says so. Starting Nov. 1, Google will penalize web properties that show an app install interstitial instead of the expected mobile content.

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