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  • Taming the Wild West of Mobility

    Taming the Wild West of Mobility

    This is where we start. Living on the frontier of the enterprise, mobility in many companies has taken on a decidedly anarchic flavor, existing outside the norms of software development. This article discusses how to bring these initiatives into alignment with best practices and proven processes while retaining their vitality.

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  • Content Delivery Plays Catch Up in the Mobile Enterprise

    More than 50 percent of businesses have adopted enterprise-wide mobility strategies, according to a recent Illuminas survey  commissioned by Cisco that polled enterprise IT decision makers. But as companies work to extract value from mobile disruption, they’ve met with challenges.

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  • Mobile App Adoption Why Its an Issue and How to Fix It

    Mobile App Adoption: Why It's an Issue and How to Fix It

    Although a number of factors contribute to these challenges, the chief reasons behind low mobile app adoption rates center on mobile security, privacy concerns and ease of access. It’s critical to identify the root causes behind these issues before looking at the effective remedies.

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  • The Learning Organization Goes Mobile

    The Learning Organization Goes Mobile

    Many organizations overlook one of the most significant ways to improve competitiveness, ramp up performance and sustain growth: continuous, varied and dynamic learning programs for their employees and leadership teams.

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  • Dont Fight BYOD Manage It

    Don't Fight BYOD, Manage It

    Don't Take a Blanket Approach One of the bigger threats of information breaches and data leaks is employees using cloud storage applications like Dropbox that can lead to uncontrolled mixing and sharing of personal data and corporate data.

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  • BYOD: Mixing Work and Play While Minimizing Risk

    Just a few years ago, there was a clear divide between employer-owned, work-related devices and user-owned personal devices. But as more and more employees bring their own notebooks, tablets and smartphones for work and for personal purposes, that divide is shrinking and in some cases, shattering.

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  • Your Playbook for Mobilizing Todays Workforce

    Your Playbook for Mobilizing Today's Workforce

    That was a pleasant 20th century dream which started to dissipate at the turn of the 21st century, when mobile phones continued their rise and began to allow people to check email on the go -- remember BlackBerry? -- so when they were out of the office they could still

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  • The Drag on Enterprise Mobile Applications: Security and Privacy

    What we have today could barely be called enterprise mobile applications. We have enterprise applications that exist in a mobile form. We even have some mobile applications meant for the enterprise.

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